Eastern Kentucky University undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff will celebrate Scholars Week from April 5 - April 9. This year’s activities will take place virtually.

The week’s theme is “Celebrating the Scholarship of Discovery, Integration, Application, Teaching & Learning, and Creative Endeavors across Eastern Kentucky University,” according to the EKU Scholars Week webpage.

The EKU Scholars Week planning committee has made changes to their honors thesis presentations by adopting a new three-minute thesis (3MT) program. The program allows undergraduate students to showcase their studies and public speaking skills in a concise time frame.

The week starts off on Monday, April 5, with honors thesis presentations and a faculty interdisciplinary symposium titled “Best Practices in Modern Teaching.”

The activities on Tuesday, April 6, include 3MT presentations; a workshop titled “How to Sustain Scholarship (During a Pandemic),” facilitated by Dr. Shirley O’Brien and Dr. Jonathan Gore; a faculty interdisciplinary symposium titled “21st-century innovations”; faculty awards and honors; and an alumni spotlight on Derrick J Morton.

On Wednesday, April 7, students and staff can get involved in 3MT presentations, a “diverse perspectives in scholarship” panel discussion, faculty interdisciplinary symposium “Caring for the Commonwealth: Connecting with Communities,” Noel Studio Program Appreciation Night, and Aurora: Literary and Arts Journal launch and open mic reading.

The activities on Thursday, April 8, include 3MT presentations, Art + Design Invitational: Visual Student Exhibition, Scholars Tank, faculty interdisciplinary symposium “2020 Vision: What We Learned and How We Can Improve” and the Phi Kappa Phi induction ceremony. 

Scholars Week wraps up on Friday, April 9, with the scholar’s assembly and the best-of UP showcase.

The program is set up like a contest with monetary rewards for first, second and people’s choice categories. The three categories of research involved in the 3MT program are traditional graduate thesis, doctoral research and action/creative/capstone research.

“The 3MT program is an important part of Scholars Week because it allows all students to see what their peers are doing and researching,” said Ryan Baggett, interim dean of the graduate school.

Another new program that has been added to the Scholars Week roster is “Scholars Tank.”

Set up like the television show Shark Tank, students will get the chance to present their ideas on how to create a better campus and learning environment.

The program is a contest, and the winner will receive funding to make their idea come to life. 

“The Scholar’s Tank program allows students to use their voice to make the changes they want to see on campus,” said Jonathan Gore, director of undergraduate research and creative endeavors.

Overall, Scholars Week is an opportunity for students and faculty to come together to celebrate scholarship, express their ideas and showcase their research. 

“This is our week to celebrate scholarship. … Everyone has a part,” said Shirley O'Brien, co-chair of faculty innovators.

For more information and to learn how to get involved in Scholars Week, visit https://ekuscholars.eku.edu/

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