EKU’s Ryan Green appointed to Environmental Education Council

Ryan Green, Eastern Kentucky University executive director, budgeting, financial planning & fiscal effectiveness, has been appointed by Governor Andy Beshear to the Kentucky Environmental Education Council (KEEC).

The KEEC is a state agency within the Education & Workforce Development Cabinet. The agency's mission and vision are to promote learning and skills for a sustainable and economically healthy environment for all Kentuckians through environmental education.

In a press release by EKU, Green has served as executive director budgeting, financial planning and fiscal effectiveness at Eastern Kentucky University since 2016. He served in various financial analyst and budgeting leadership roles in Kentucky’s state government since finishing graduate school in 2001.

“The Kentucky Environmental Education Council has far-reaching services that affect educational programming, not limited to traditional environmental concerns and sustainability but including the health of students and educators and the educational facility environment, and given the prior and current impacts of the COVID pandemic on primary and secondary education service delivery, I look forward to helping the Council move forward with their current tasks and recognize new challenges for the Green and Healthy Schools program,” Green said in a press release.

Green and other council members are appointed by the Governor to serve four-year terms. Members serve entirely as volunteers. By statute, membership on the council must represent four constituencies: businesses and industry, the environment, education and government.

In a press release, senior vice president for finance and administration, Barry Poynter said, “EKU has long been a leader in environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts and the role such efforts should play for students and educators; these include the responsibilities of the Center for Environmental Education, the Office of Sustainability and the mission of the Division of Natural Areas.”

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