Eastern Kentucky University’s Campus Recreation will be hosting a Halloween Climbing Competition at the Fitness and Wellness Center in the rock wall area located in front of the building. The event will be held on Thursday, Oct. 31 and will be for all EKU students and staff. 

According to Coordinator of Adventure Programs Brad Byrom, this event is a brand-new addition to their programming and will consist of trick-or-treat opportunities such as jack-o’-lantern trick-or-treat bags that will be placed along the rock wall for participants to enjoy as they climb, as well as several different competitions. The event itself will be organized very similarly to an actual intramural rock-climbing meet but instead of having paths of varying difficulty, this event will host several different contests for participants.

Those competitions will include add-on, an event where participants will make a path for one another to follow by completing two movements, one with their left hand one and another with their right, choosing to make it as difficult or as easy as they want.

Golf is a competition where a start and an end “hole” are determined, and the competitor who climbs between the two points in the least number of moves wins.

Pad stacking is a contest in which competitors climb the wall while stacking bouldering pads, and the person who makes the highest stack wins.

These are just a few of the events that will be held throughout the entire competition, and these contests will be explained more in depth before the events start, and some will also include a time restraint. An itinerary will be posted on the Campus Recreation website once it is fully finished, and other possible additional events may be added the day of to fill out the four-hour event. 

The climbing competition will be for both new and experienced climbers. Costumes are also encouraged, and participants who climb in costume will receive bonus points towards winning the grand prize.

The staff of the Fitness and Wellness Center will be dressed up for the event as well.

“I don’t know what I want to be, but I will be something,” said Byrom.

Participants can also gain points towards the grand prize by participating in contests held throughout the event, including a costume contest. Participants will be judged as they enter the Fitness and Wellness Center, with the winner receiving more points going towards the grand prize. The grand prize is an intramural rock-climbing championship t-shirt.  

Students give their thoughts on the upcoming climb, with Cody Williams, a 19 years-old sophomore, saying, “I’m not so much interested in the climbing part, but I know some of my friends are and it’ll be nice to not have to pay for my sweet fix this Halloween.” 

Although he is not sure what his costume will be, Williams says that he has plenty of great ideas that he hopes to be able to make possible and looks forward to potentially winning the costume contest.

Christian Fugate, 19 years-old sophomore, says, “I don’t think I’ll win, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Plus, there’ll be candy and who doesn’t love that? Candy itself is always a win.”

Participants may register through  EKU’s intramurals program as well through the Halloween Climbing Competition on EKU’s Campus Recreations website, however registration is not required. The event will be from 4 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 31.


To register or for more information,



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