EKU reports 38 active cases of COVID-19 on dashboard

EKU COVID-19 dashboard as of Aug. 29.

The Eastern Kentucky University COVID-19 dashboard will now be updated throughout the week instead of every Friday as previously mentioned.

“There is a plan now to adjust the frequency of reporting and you will see the dashboard updated throughout the week and not just weekly,” according to an email statement from Kristi Middleton,  chief external affairs officer.

As of Aug. 29, EKU has announced 38 active cases. 27 non-residential students, 19 residential students, eight employees, and two unspecified people have tested positive for COVID-19. 18 people have recovered.

EKU executive director of Public Safety Bryan Makinen broke down how the dashboard works.

“People will first be active then will recover; the total numbers in the active and recovered columns will equal what is observed in the other total columns (residential students, non-residential students, employees, and other),” Makinen said in an email statement. 

An email sent out by EKU President David McFaddin, on Aug. 27 explained how to find COVID-19 case updates as well as encouraged students to follow the rules and regulations.

“Despite considerable efforts, during the second week of classes, we have seen a manageable increase in reports of COVID-19 symptoms, confirmed cases and possible exposure to positive individuals. You can view the latest numbers on the EKU dashboard,” according to the email. 

There will now be zero tolerance for anyone who intentionally and consistently violates the rules on campus or the state guidelines.

“To keep the cases manageable, there will be zero tolerance for any intentional and persistent behaviors that are not in line with the current campus, local, state or federal guidelines to fight this pandemic,” according to the email.

One person's irresponsible nature could affect everyone. There has been video evidence found of parties going on which can quickly become a “super spreading event.”

“An irresponsible decision from one of us could affect ALL of us. The social experience is a big part of college life, but it simply cannot be the norm this year. Clear evidence shows that parties and large gatherings among seemingly healthy individuals can quickly become 'super spreader events' perhaps due to asymptomatic attendees,” the email said.

There are teams at EKU monitoring crowds, vehicles with large groups, public dining and even residence halls. EKU encourages you to socialize safely and wear your mask.

“You can be social, but socialize safely. You can still meet, but keep your distance, wear your mask, or use online applications to visit friends,” according to the email.

Anybody who intentionally violates the health guidelines and requirements can face consequences up to expulsion, and those who live in residence halls and violate the guidelines can have their housing contract terminated with no refund.

According to the email, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 you are encouraged to cooperate with the local health departments and give them the right information so other people who may have been in contact with you can be notified.

“If you are potentially exposed or diagnosed and notified by contact tracers from EKU or your local health department, please cooperate with them and provide truthful information so they can notify others who might be at risk of exposure,” the email said.

The email ended with a get well announcement to those who have been diagnosed and are still recovering from the virus.

“To our students who have been diagnosed and are recovering, get well soon. If you need support in coping with illness and isolation, the EKU Counseling Center offers a variety of resources available remotely,” the email said.

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