Picture of design of new pedway

Design of the new pedway across the Eastern Bypass. OMNI has been awarded the new EKU Bypass pedway project for Eastern Kentucky University.  

Eastern Kentucky University has started the construction of a new pedway that allows for easier travel across the Eastern Bypass after being requested from students.

Brian Wilcox, associate vice president of construction, said the student body was the big voice behind building a new pedway to make transport across the bypass easier and safer.

“It was requested by the student body. It was something that was canvassed across campus to students to see what kind of projects were needed, and through that survey we got a couple of responses which resulted in the Powell renovation and the new rec center, and also a way to transport or walk across the bypass,” Wilcox said.

Work on the new pedway has already started, holes have already been created to relocate utility and phone lines. 

“If you notice some of the dirt has already been moved on both sides of the bypass. Over by Keene we have several trenches that are open that involve relocating utilities and phone and network lines. So there are several man holes that are going in now which will be the raceways for these new relocated lines,” Wilcox said. 

Once all the lines have been relocated then work to build the towers will start. Seeing progress coming out of the ground won’t be seen for roughly the next month.

“Once we do that we can dig the foundation for the tower on the southside of the bypass. The tower on the north side of the bypass has already begun. As far as seeing anything come out of the ground. You might see that in the next thirty days or so,” Wilcox said.

The tower design will be similar as the pedway built on Lancaster Avenue.

“The design is currently similar to the one on Lancaster Avenue. The intention was to mimic the look of that one so that there is some consistency across campus,” Wilcox said.

As far as any other construction going on around campus currently Telford lot has a parking lot expansion project. Over the next few months, there are plans to also replace the ground floor doors to Telford Hall. 

“In Telford the only thing we have going on right now is a parking lot expansion. The north east corner of Telford there will be a parking lot expansion, and then there are some plans to do replacement of the ground floor exterior doors. So that will be taking place in the next couple of months,” Wilcox said.

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