EKU BookSmart program gives students access to free textbooks

Eastern Kentucky University President David McFaddin announced on Monday, Dec. 14 that starting in the Fall 2021 semester all undergraduate students will receive free textbooks for their courses as part of the EKU BookSmart program. 

“The EKUBookSmart program offers required class textbooks and course materials for EKU undergraduate students enrolled at all of our campuses and online,” McFaddin said. “We will have them delivered directly to you or ready for pickup here at the Barnes & Noble EKU bookstore for free.”

EKU has partnered with Barnes & Noble to provide free textbooks for all EKU undergraduate students for the 2021-2022 academic year. McFaddin said it is one more way for EKU to keep college more affordable for its students.

Barnes & Noble Education CEO/Chairman Michael Huseby said EKU is the first public institution in Kentucky to launch an all-inclusive course material delivery model beginning in Fall 2021.

“The EKUBookSmart program will ensure that each and every EKU student has first day access to all of the required course materials preparing them for academic success from day one,” Huseby said.

Barry Poynter, senior vice president of finance, said national studies indicate that the average annual cost for textbooks for an academic year is about $1,200.

Kristi Middleton, Chief External Affairs Officer, said that this program will cost the university an estimated $4-5 million a year. 

Textbooks for graduate students and dual-credit students are not included in the EKU BookSmart program.

For the full announcement video click here.

For additional information on the new program, visit go.eku.edu/books.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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