EKU, KLC, KACo partnership ceremony

(left to right) J.D. Chaney, EKU President David McFaddin, and Jim Henderson sign a memorandum of understanding establishing a partnership between EKU, the Kentucky League of Cities, and the Kentucky Association of Counties, at the EKU Business and Technology Center on Sept. 13, 2021.

Eastern Kentucky University announced a partnership with the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) and the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) to be their “preferred educational partner” on Monday at the EKU Business and Technology Center.

This partnership includes a 30% tuition scholarship to all KLC and KACo employees and member communities, for undergraduate or graduate programs at EKU, either online or on campus. It also includes a 20% tuition break on EKU’s workforce development courses, as well as locked-in tuition for anyone enrolled up to two consecutive years.

“It’s a phenomenal opportunity for county employees across Kentucky to further their education from right where they are,” said Jim Henderson, the executive director and CEO of KACo, at the ceremony announcing the partnership.

EKU President David McFaddin said that EKU would provide localized and specialized tracks to help get students through as quickly as possible. He also noted that the KLC and KACo employees will be eligible for free books as undergraduates through the BookSmart Program.

“To diversify our economy, to have an economy that will withstand a global pandemic, a recession, the things that we don’t know will come, we’ve got to have a knowledge based workforce and Eastern Kentucky University is here to be the partner in making that happen,” said McFaddin.

Employees eligible for the discounts can begin enrolling in courses as early as the fall 2021 semester “B” term.

“It is becoming more and more complex to provide governmental services that our citizens rely on, that’s becoming more and more challenging, and what EKU is doing through this partnership is helping us rise to meet this challenge,” said J.D. Chaney, the executive director and CEO of KLC.

Monday's announcement comes after several other partnerships EKU has recently announced with companies like Hyster-Yale, Central Bank and others.

“Any city, county, elected or non-elected employee will be able to participate (in this partnership)… we know there are tens of thousands of Kentuckians across the state who will be able to participate in this program,” said McFaddin.

McFaddin, Henderson and Chaney also signed a three year memorandum of understanding between the three parties. This is the largest of EKU’s corporate educational partnerships, which aim at educating the workforce.

To find out more about becoming an EKU corporate partner, visit advantage.eku.edu/corporate-partnerships.

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