Eastern Kentucky University seniors will not have to go without a commencement despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Planning has been very fluid, I think is a good term to describe it. The committee has enjoyed working on it and pulling something together that is doable in a short amount of time. It’s been enjoyable and the finishing project will be meaningful for students,” said Ryan Wilson, special assistant to the president and head of the virtual commencement work group.

Planning the virtual commencement has not been done solely Wilson, but rather departments from across campus have participated.

“We got a lot of good insight from across campus. We have representation on our committee from academic affairs, the registrar’s office, the president’s office, communication and brand management, alumni engagement, graduation and retention and a chair of an academic department. We have several folks that have worked with graduation for a long time,” said Wilson. 

“It will look very similar to a traditional commencement so you will see a photo montage at the beginning with EKU photos and pomp and circumstance playing in the background. There will be remarks from Interim President McFaddin, our Board [of Regents] Chair Lewis Diaz, and it will be broken up by college. So there will be a ceremony for Business and Tech, Health Sciences, Justice and Safety, the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, Education and Science,” said Wilson. 

The virtual commencement ceremony will also have speakers, just as an in-person one would.

“Each of those particular ceremonies will have remarks from the dean of that particular college as well as remarks from a student speaker. Students have been asked to submit photos, preferably of themselves in their regalia, and after the remarks are made a presentation will scroll through the video of students that have submitted their photos with their names. We’re anticipating each of these to last about 30 minutes depending on the college,” said Wilson.

Graduating students should submit their photos to https://brand.eku.edu/virtual-commencement-photos. They will then be prompted to choose which college they are a part of and then will be taken to a Google Doc to submit their photo along with other information. 


The deadline for submission is Friday, May 1.

The videos for each college’s commencement ceremony will be available online at 10 a.m. on May 16. 

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