Socrates, Aristotle and Karl Marx are shown around a table.

Every final Wednesday of the month a philosophy roundabout table discussion is hosted by the Department of Philosophy, History and Religion. Matthew Pianalto, professor of philosophy is the person who started the event.

“A few years ago the philosophy and religion department merged with the Department of History and I was looking for something that we could organize that would be a smaller but more regular meeting of the minds,” said Pianalto. 

Pianalto also said the roundabout table events were supposed to highlight the departments as a whole. 

“Part of it was just becoming a larger department and we wanted to do things that would highlight our program,” Pianalto said. The topics are picked based on who is hosting the event. 

“The topics are chosen based on who volunteers. It’s really based on whatever someone is working on or interested in,” said Pianalto.

On Feb. 26, there will be another roundabout table event, hosted by Jennifer Spock. She is a history professor and will be speaking about living a right life from the perspectives of a hermit, monk or layman.

 She said it is something she is interested in considering that her research tends to be on Russia. 

“I’m one of the historians whose focus tends to be on religious culture in Russia,” said Spock.

Spock said that she is excited to be hosting the roundabout table event because it gives her a chance to talk about her work. 

”I’m a medieval Russian historian. I don’t get to talk to people about what I do very much. So for me, just the fact that the roundtable was an opportunity to sort of chat a bit about the kind of work I do is fun but I also I would really like to learn from my colleagues.” 

The event is open to the public.

A full schedule for upcoming roundtable discussions can be found at

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