CRIME REPORTS: Woman arrested after allegedly stealing EKU golf cart and driving it on the interstate

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is part of a publishing partnership between the Richmond Register and Eastern Progress

A Louisville woman was arrested after allegedly stealing an Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) golf cart and driving it on the interstate.

N’Kara Israel, 21, Louisville, was arrested by Eastern Kentucky University Police on Saturday and charged with receiving stolen property ($1,000 < $10,000), unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (first offense), receiving stolen property third-degree escape, third-degree burglary, and careless driving.

According to a citation, on Saturday around 11:16 p.m., Madison County EOC received multiple 911 calls saying someone was driving a golf cart on the interstate heading north. Richmond police arrived and conducted a traffic stop on the golf cart at Exit 90 Northbound just before the on-ramp. Officers then discovered the golf cart belonged to EKU.

The citation states Israel implied she was mute; however, a Sgt. identified her and said she could speak. An EKU officer arrived and confirmed EKU owned the golf cart by showing officers the “property of Eastern Kentucky University” sticker with the item number. The cart was also covered in EKU decals and an “E” embroidered on the seat. While the golf cart was being towed, officers conducted a search of the bags Israel had in her possession at the time of the incident. Police found EKU athletic gear in the bags. The citation states, Israel is not a student-athlete and therefore should not have those items.

When Israel arrived at the jail, the citation stated that she was not moving and would not respond when the officer asked if she was okay. A Madison County deputy was next to the cruiser, so the officer rolled down the window to have the deputy check on her. When the deputy stepped away, Israel attempted to escape out of the cruiser window while handcuffed.

The citation states, upon further investigation, Israel can be seen on a surveillance camera in the Alumni Coliseum building. The video shows Israel opening the garage door where the golf cart is stored and driving away. It also shows Israel carrying out an extra-large duffle bag which included EKU athletic items, an Apple watch as well as a Blink camera.

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