Course scheduling behind the scenes with 25Live

Eastern Kentucky University students are starting to plan their Spring 2021 academic course schedule, many not thinking about the efforts faculty and staff made to assure a successful semester.

In February 2020, EKU chose to not renew a contract with Astra Schedule, but instead embark on a journey in using 25Live. EKU started to prepare for the software in May, officially switching August 1.

25Live is a cloud-based platform used for academic and event scheduling on campus. The platform benefits the Department of Conferencing and Events, the Office of the Registrar, and overall the entire university.

The Department of Conferencing and Events sent out an implementation team over the summer to take inventory of every space on campus. The team walked into all rooms keeping track of every electrical outlet, internet plug, window, whiteboard or blackboard, and nearly everything. The team even took digital measurements for accurate room dimensions. 

The Department of Conferencing and Events entered all information into 25Live allowing any faculty, staff, professor, or event host to receive the exact room accommodations they request.

“We knew the implementation was going to be a bit of an undertaking,” said Brian Popa, technical systems manager of the department of conferencing and events.

The Department of Conferencing and Events facilitates the use of spaces on campus for meetings and events, excluding academic classes. 25Live has a built-in questionnaire asking a series of questions describing the desired use of a room. Faculty, staff, and event hosts will use the questionnaire to request a room, the department will confirm the reservation, and 25Live will add the reservation date to a generated calendar of all events and meetings on campus. To request a meeting or event space visit!/home/dash.

Public safety is aware of the calendar and will use the information on what rooms on campus are reserved and occupied to assist and help if there is ever an emergency or dangerous situation.

The Office of the Registrar uses the information in 25Live about room characteristics and dimensions to efficiently assist the needs of each academic course, requests of each professor, activities that need to occur, and how many students can occupy a classroom or lab.

“It provides a full picture of the academic space that we have, and we are able to quickly see what is available in that space,” said Brenda Clapper, associate registrar. “25Live is excellent, we have already benefited from it and I can see that we will continue.”

25Live has been helpful in determining student course scheduling to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Spring 2021 course scheduling will remain to look the same for students as in previous semesters. The Office of Registrar added an instructional method definition to courses when registering to explain if a class is online, online synchronous, web-blended synchronous, hybrid, or in-person.

“We found it necessary to schedule in different ways because of COVID-19 and being as safe as we can be,” said Clapper. “We recognized that we needed to expand our instructional methods officially to include online synchronous as well as some other new types of instructional methods such as web-blended synchronous.”

Once COVID-19 guidelines are removed, it will be up to each academic department to determine what type of instructional method works best.

Students can officially start scheduling academic courses for Spring 2021 on November 10. Contact the Office of the Registrar for any course scheduling questions, concerns, or holds on your account preventing registration. Email the Office of the Registrar at for registration purposes.

For more information about Spring 2021 academic course registration, visit For more information about The Department of Conferencing and Events visit For more information about the Office of the Registrar visit

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