Starting in the fall 2020 semester, the Eastern Kentucky University Honors Program will no longer be fully-funding accepted students’ books.

In the past, each honors student who applied and was accepted to the program was awarded the Books-on-Loan Award.

This award covered the cost of each Honors students’ books for all courses in which they were enrolled.

However, this award was only applied if books were available and purchased through EKU’s bookstore.

At the end of the semester, these students could return their books, or purchase them at a lower rate, if they so desired.

Students who are applying to the Honors Program in the fall of 2020 will still receive a Books-on-Loan Award, but the award will only cover $500 worth of books purchased each semester through the EKU bookstore.

If your books total to be less than $500 for the semester, students will not receive

the remaining amount.
The Honors Books-On-Loan Award has

existed for over 25 years and served as a recruitment strategy for incoming honors students.

“The reason for this policy change is the budget reduction that is affecting EKU and all public university campuses in Kentucky. I have been informed by the university that it can no longer afford to sign what amounts to a ‘blank check’ for the honors students’ book scholarship each semester,” said David Coleman, Executive Director for the EKU Honors Program.

It is important to note that any student who has received the Books-on-Loan Award prior to the fall 2020 semester will still receive fully-funded book purchases for eight semesters.

Changes will not go into effect until students begin applying for the fall 2020 Honors Program.

“You [Honors students] were recruited to the program with a commitment on our part to the Honors Books-on-Loan Award as it is currently structured,” said Coleman. “That commitment will be honored.”

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