The Recreation Student Society hosted their tenth annual Chilifest on Jan. 31 in Begley. Students had the opportunity to try various kinds of chili. 

The recreation student society hosted their tenth annual chilifest, a competition for the best chili recipe on Jan. 31. 

Students from across the parks and recreation department, including Emmalee Floyd, a sophomore recreation and park major from Wurtland, Ky attended the event. 

Floyd heard about the Chilifest through the Recreation and Parks Administration department and that she thought it was a fun event for people to come spend time together.

“What I like most about this event would have to be how it’s a really small event but it brings together so many people,” Floyd said.

Other students such as Ella Willmott, a senior from Georgetown, Ky studying

therapeutic recreation attended as well.

“I heard about chilifest through two of my professors, they said there was going to be free food and that everyone could enjoy themselves so I decided to come,” said Willmott, “I would definitely come again. I like chilifest because it brings everyone from the same major together. That way everyone gets to know each other. It’s a pretty tight knit community.”

Floyd Ballew, a freshman from Richmond, Ky studying Parks and Recreation, said he went to chilifest to get to know everyone and enjoyed the competitive aspect of it.

“I enjoyed the chili and how super competitive it was. I actually had a good time, I could tell all the people in the competition worked really hard,” said Ballew.

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