BCM set to host “Freshman Registration Do’s and Donuts” event

On Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 6:30 p.m., Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) is hosting “Freshman Registration Do’s and Donuts” at the BCM building on campus located at 325 University Dr.

BCM leaders hope the event will help freshmen feel more confident going into next semester. Freshmen sometimes struggle when deciding what classes to take and where they fit into campus life; BCM leaders want to help freshmen have the best experience possible.

Cassie Clair, a three-year member of BCM and freshmen focus team coordinator, talked about why she chose to be a part of this event.

“The goal of the event is to help freshmen lay out their schedules for the spring in a way that will benefit them most. Many students never learned the most efficient ways to schedule classes for the semester, and we are here to share what worked best for us," said Clair.

Clair continued, "We want to provide guidance in what classes we took that we liked the most, what professors we enjoyed having, and other important factors that play into scheduling classes. We get to help the freshmen and get to know them over some coffee and donuts. I am really looking forward to being able to help ease some scheduling stress that I know I experienced as a freshman."

About 30 BCM leaders will be participating in the event to give freshmen tools to prepare for registration. The event will include two presentations on how to use EKUDirect and the Coursicle app. BCM will have Purdy’s coffee and donuts for everyone that participates.

The BCM is not a church, but rather an extension of the church. Their task on campus is threefold: Reach the campus with the Gospel of Christ, Connect the campus with a community and the local church, and Disciple students on campus to help grow their spiritual life. 

If you want to get involved or are interested in more events hosted by the BCM, check out their website at ekubcm.org or reach out to Jake Hancock at 270-217-6434 for more information.

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