United States Senate candidate Amy McGrath hosted a voter registration event at Irvine McDowell Park, next to Eastern Kentucky University, on Saturday, Sept. 12.

The event was the second in a series of stops at universities across Kentucky on Saturday, with the first being Morehead State University, followed by stops at Murray State University and Western Kentucky University after her visit to EKU.

The goal of the event was to connect with college students and community members in Richmond and to encourage people to register to vote in the upcoming election.

“Kentucky has never made it easier to vote,” said McGrath in a speech to those in attendance. 

The former Marine fighter pilot spoke to the crowd of about 40 people and gave an impassioned speech about the changes she saw needing to be made in our country. She described her platform to those present as well as the problems facing Eastern Kentucky that she plans to address. 

“25 percent of most counties in Eastern Kentucky, some counties even as high as 50 percent of the kids do not have access to broadband. We will absolutely get left behind,” said McGrath. “We have got to invest in us again.”

Before speaking to the crowd, McGrath met and spoke shortly with each person in attendance. She stressed the importance of connecting to college students in this upcoming election.

“I’m here today at colleges all around the state. Why is that so important? Because it’s you, you’re the future,” said McGrath referring to one of the students in the crowd.

Several EKU students were in attendance for the event to show their support and to connect with McGrath. One such student was Aaron Easterling, a sophomore anthropology major from Pike County. Easterling attended to show his support and encouraged other students to educate themselves on each candidate and to realize how much their vote matters.

“I highly recommend you educate yourself on both sides and to see what you believe in,” said Easterling. “Realize how your vote today could change how education is being taught soon.”

McGrath urged students across Kentucky to use their power to vote this upcoming November.

“Our government, this country, you’re going to inherit it and the young Americans who are here as students are going to inherit what we give them,” said McGrath. “This country is yours, you have to step up...we have to. The future of the country is in your hands. You have to make your voice heard and you have to register to vote...and vote.”

The deadline to register to vote in Kentucky is Oct. 5. You can request an absentee ballot until Oct. 9. More information about voting in Kentucky this November is available at govoteky.com

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