I already know what most people are thinking: I’m blindly following whatever trend in politics is prevalent, and that I am going for the person that will be the biggest change agent or will cause the biggest controversy. However, as much as I personally like to shock my friends and family, there is a genuine reason that this past spring I registered with the Republican Party back in my home county and, unlike when I was younger, I do not plan on changing my registration anytime soon, if ever. This is a detailed story of why I came back to the party and am proud to call myself a republican and a Donald Trump supporter. Also, as I have seen in recent months I am not alone in this conversion.

My journey started when I moved from Cleveland down to Kentucky with my family. Back when I was in Ohio, I considered myself to be a Republican but that was only because that is what my family was. I was basically believing what my conservative Catholic family was telling me and I followed that blindly, but that is being young and naive. As I came down to Kentucky, I had coated myself in the ideas of liberal, leftist, musicians who believed that there was everything wrong with the conservative movement, especially with Donald Trump becoming president. I decided I would blindly follow them too.

It seemed like in those days I never learned. When I came to Kentucky, I decided that I would register as an Independent. When the election drew closer, I started to look at the ideas of candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. I thought that Bernie would want to look out for every American and shake up the establishment. As I saw how the Democratic Primary went, I saw that Bernie had no chance under the establishment. I then decided that I would rather go for the candidate that didn’t know where Aleppo was. During the election, I voted with my conscience, which I still don’t regret, and went for Mr. Johnson even though I knew he didn’t have a chance. Election night came, and Trump won. This is when the conversion officially started.   

When Trump got into office, I started to notice a simple fact that distinguished him from most politicians: he followed through on his promises. When he said he would clamp down on immigration, he did. When he said he would work to improve the economy, the stock market went up. This simple respect for his ability to follow through on stuff transformed into a moment where I realized that I agree with most of what Trump is trying to push. As his presidency went on, I realized that I liked him and his policies and started to consider if everything that I believed in politically was a farce. Also, at the time of Trump starting his presidency, I had a professor who was extremely liberal.

He had one characteristic that many people like to pin on Republicans. Can anyone guess what it was? That’s right, it was intolerance. He would constantly, in his attempts to enlighten the class, try to assert his thinking on his students and took every chance he got to try to push his liberal ideology. It wasn’t very effective for me, and after talking to a fellow student in the class, it didn’t work on her either. His rants about politics left a bad taste in my mouth and made me seek out other sources of information. I started to look for a conservative news outlet and after watching and reading, I decided that I would become a republican again.  

This is a brief wrap up of the year that saw me going from a Bernie Sanders supporter to becoming a proud Trump supporter and later a Republican. I intentionally left the names and the people who were involved in my story vague because I wanted to highlight my point of how I became a conservative. 

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Interesting read. So the author here respects that Trump took credit for Obama's economic turnaround after Bush's administration drove it into the ground? Our economy has been improving since 2009, in large part because a democratic controlled government took control during the housing crisis and made several key decisions to get back on track (it's called regulation), please see https://www.bea.gov/news/glance to get an idea for how much our economy improved during Obama's tenure. Trump has managed to avoid mass economic downfall but a number of decisions have caused a strain on the economy, most notably a series of tariffs that hurt the very people who voted for him, primarily farmers in rural areas. Not only this but Trump's promises for immigration reform have been shut down repeatedly by federal judges as unconstitutional. The promise of a wall hasn't been fulfilled, and the inhumane treatment of children - some of them infants - has now stained our country a color very reminiscent of fascist Germany and Russia. I'd like to hear some counter points to these arguments, because the author glossed over these facts very quickly.

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