Every year, on Feb. 14, men and women around the world celebrate love and romance through flowers, candies and date nights. Whether you love or hate the holiday, you can’t deny that it’s nice to receive a cute teddy bear and box of chocolates - even if the gifter is yourself. Thankfully, numerous restaurants and stores are having sweet deals which make it easier for you to treat yourself and others in this celebration of intimacy. Whether you’re looking for a galentine’s day to drink away your exes or a creative place to take your new beau, Richmond’s restaurants have you covered.

Creative Date night spots in Richmond:

  • Romance and Waffles. Waffle House on North Keeneland Drive is taking reservations for a Valentine’s dinner. The tables will be covered with a tablecloth, and to set the mood, the lights will be dimmed. Special menu items will also be available to order. A creative way to be romantic while also sticking to a reasonable budget.

  • Qboba for a Kiss. This Valentine’s, Qboba is offering a romantic promotion. Customers can receive a free entree with a purchase of another of greater or equal value as long as they do one thing: kiss someone or something. Whether you smooch your significant other or your favorite steak burrito, all kisses are welcome, as long as they are mutually consented to.

  • Olive Garden and a bouquet of breadsticks. This Valentine’s Day, Olive Garden is offering to create a bouquet of breadsticks for your beloved. To participate, print one of the two printable bouquet designs. One says, “My love for you is never ending” and the other option states, “Love at first bite.” Next, show up to the Olive Garden in the Richmond Centre and create a bouquet that is sure to be delicious.

  • Chick-fil-A’s heart shaped chicken trays. They say the way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach - Chick-fil-A hopes that to be true. This Valentine’s Day, Chick-fil-A is offering 10 count and 30 count chicken minis, which can be placed inside a heart shaped tray. So, if your significant other would rather have a box of chicken than a box of chocolates, the Chick-fil-A outside of the Richmond Centre might be your go-to.

  • Ah, we all know the pain of being alone on Valentine’s Day. So why be alone? Singletons, gather your friends and get ready to Shred Your Ex. If you dine in at Hooters this Valentine’s Day, you can get 10 free wings with the purchase of 10 wings if you shred a photo of your ex. You can either bring a physical photo with you to shred at the Hooters location, or you can virtually shred the photo online and bring in your coupon. If the virtual option is the one for you, there are alternatives such as virtually throwing darts at your ex’s photo or burning it,depending on the answers you give to their online survey about your relationship.

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