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Pictured are SGA senate members, Sarah Jane Fish, the Residential Affairs Committee chair; Leslie Richie, the Committee for Committees chair and Nick Koeing, the head of the Sustainability Affairs Committee. To learn more about SGA, visit


Eastern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association, otherwise known as SGA, gives students a taste of experience operating in the same manner as  state and national government. SGA is in network with the university constantly. They speak for the student body, so if there are requests or need for change throughout the campus, they are the ones to do it.

There are multiple opportunities for students who want to become a member of SGA to get involved; including becoming a senator, which can lead to positions as a standing committee member, student body president, executive vice president, etc. Senators are able to vote on various EKU SGA legislation that is being debated upon while committee members are able to focus on one specific aspect about the campus. 

Nick Koenig is head of the Sustainability Affairs Committee. His main focus is keeping the campus eco-friendly and preserving the beauty of it. 

Koenig said, “I get to do the two things that I love: helping the environment and be a voice for people at the same time.”

The executive vice president, which is currently Grant Minix, calls the senate meetings to order and helps facilitate the meetings by adhering to the agenda for the week. Minix stepped into the position of EVP after being a senator for two years. 

He said, “Holding this higher position has allowed me to have more of a voice for the students and guide the student body in the right direction.” 

Not only does Minix’s job consist of organizing senate meetings, he is in charge of appointing elected senators, and “works with the student body president in order to get what the students need done,” Minix said.

 The meetings start off with Minix tapping the gavel and everyone rising for the national anthem. The agenda is then introduced which is the time for committee chairs to report to the full senate during this portion of the meetings about actions taken by the groups since the last senate meeting. Committees work on issues that are most relevant to students by meeting outside of the full senate.  For instance, the residential affairs committee are currently getting refillable water stations implemented in Case Dining Hall and working on changing Case dining hours on weekends to better benefit students.  

Following committee reports, any legislation that needs to be voted on is discussed. Senators are able to debate their ideas on whether the legislation should be implemented or not.

Within this past semester alone, SGA committees have been working on various projects in order to keep improving the campus. For instance, Sarah Fish, head of the residential affairs chair, has been working on implementing watering stations and recycling bins into Case which will be seen by spring semester. 

Koenig has been working on campus with the Office of Sustainability to supply free feminine products in restrooms which can already be found currently in Case. Head of information technology chair, Zachary Hollandsworth, worked with issues concerning emergency call boxes slowly disappearing and shifting to the LiveSafe app unless student body says something.

SGA senate meetings are held on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in Room 549 of the Whitlock building on EKU’s campus. For anyone interested in joining SGA or has any further questions, you can get in contact with Grant Minix or Student Body President Madison Lipscomb at

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