AFA read in event

Faculty members and students networking at the African American Read In event hosted by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OSMA) on Feb. 19 in the Powell Building rm 13.

This year marks the twelfth annual African American Read In event that Eastern Kentucky University hosted on Feb. 19.

 The event welcomed students to come by and read some literature works from their favorite African American authors as a celebration for Black History Month.

Lisa Daniels, senior office associate of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OSMA) said this event is hosted annually and OMSA is almost always involved.

“This is something we’ve done for Black History Month for quite a few years now. This is the twelfth annual African American Read In. The office of multicultural student affairs has been involved for a few years. I don’t think we (OSMA) have done every single one but we have been involved,” said Daniels. 

Since moving back to the Powell building, the office has not filled the position for director of the office, so that leaves Daniels to organize and help out with the events. Over the last few years, the number in attendance has steadily been declining. 

“Last year it was really kind of sparse. Last year we had it in the Walnut Hall at Keen Johnson and we just didn’t have as good of a turn out,” said Daniels.  

This event is opened for any student and faculty member on campus. This event offers not only free admission but free snacks and beverages. This is a great opportunity for students to network with faculty members and other students. 

“We just open up the mic for anybody who wants to come and read something by their favorite African American author. We usually have stuff they can look through to read or they can bring some of their own,” Daniels said.

Dalianni Besse Castillo, 18, a freshman studying biomedical sciences from Santiago De Cuba, said that although she had to come as a requirement for a class, she also had an interest in the event and what it was promoting.

“I came to this event because it was required by a class but also because I believe in uplifting diversity in any way I can,” said Castillo. 

The event helped bring people together as well as promote the OMSA.

“It is an amazing event that provides people with the opportunity to come together and read quotes or poems about diversity but also promote that this office can help and be there for all students,” said Castillo.

“What I like about this year is that they are celebrating diversity. Diversity is not just about a person but about the small or big differences that make that person unique. I would definitely come next year and also recommend it to anyone that has time in their schedule to attend. It’s a great way to meet new people who may be different from you,” said Castillo.

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