The Latino Student Association pose together at Keen Johnson. LSA was established at EKU in 2009.


The Latino Student Association [LSA] was established in 2009 with a goal of providing education about the diversity of Latino culture, organize and promote Latino cultural events and holidays, and to actively engage in advocacy and activism that promote access to higher education for Latino students. 

LSA at EKU seeks to create a community where incoming Latino students find support and encouragement on campus.

“The main goal of the Latino Student Association is to promote a climate of diversity and also to educate the EKU community about the diversity within the Latino culture and to provide opportunities for Latino students who have a family away from home,” LSA advisor and associate professor of Spanish, Socorro Zaragoza said. “LSA is really involved with recruitment activities and retention activities.”

One event the Latino Student Association hosts is Camino Camp. The summer camp gives latino high school students the opportunity to experience life as a college student at EKU. The camp gives the students a chance to learn about reosurces on campus, experience life in a residence hall and meet the current Latino students, professors and staff.

LSA also helps latino students with their academics.

“We help those students with tutoring and mentoring. We call it wrap around services.”

Zaragoza has seen major growth over the 10 years since the organization was founded.

“We started with four students and we are now more than 100 students in the association,” Zaragoza said. “As the advisor I participate heavily with the programming but also to help them navigate higher education and things at the university.”   

 For more information on the Latino Student Association, contact Socorro Zaragoza at

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