UPDATE: According to announcements in EKU Today and EKU Students Today, Java City will reopen today, Oct. 3.

Java City will operate with normal hours: Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., closed Saturday and open Sunday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Sept. 25: Coffee is an important staple to many college students’ lifestyle. One of the most heavily-trafficked campus coffee shops, Java City has been closed this semester until further notice.

Aramark, the company that runs Java City and other campus dining locations, was unable to give a comment on the closure, but redirected all questions to Steve Caudill, the chief auxiliary services officer and university liaison.

“Java City was closed because we had to do a renovation,” Caudill said. “That location has been there for a long time, and Java City… a national brand… requires that we upgrade that branding and that kiosk area every so often. And so, it was time to do that again.”

He went on to say the main concern with the

library location was the shop’s plumbing could leak directly into the archives and cause damage to the many important files. The brand decided to close this location to take care of the risk to the school while also updating their facility according to their brand contract.

Caudill said that as of right now, there is no definitive date for Java City’s reopening. He said the staff are still currently searching for a more convenient spot for the coffee shop, however, students should not be concerned about a drastic change in location, 

“We do think it is important to keep something like Java City in the library,” Caudill said. “We are looking at options as of now.  The big question was, do we want to keep it in the current location, or do we want to put it somewhere else in the library, or somewhere else on campus? And I think the answer is somewhere else in the library.”

Caudill said that the changes coming to Java City aren’t major but will bring an exciting new look to the familiar brand.

“The renovations are going to be done to the entire set-up,” Caudill said. “It’s gonna have new signage, new kiosk, a kind of a new brand look that Java City requires and wants to have… so all of that is going to be updated.”

Though Caudill said the renovations should be complete in the near future, some of the shop’s regulars spoke out about Java City being closed for so much time.

Makenzie Davis, a 21-year-old senior music education major from Corinth, said that she used to be able to walk straight from her job to Java City for an easy meal, but with it being closed, she now has to walk much farther to food options she enjoys less.

For more information on Java City and other campus dining options, visit eku.campusdish.com.

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