The week where students congregate in the library all day and night to finish the semester strong is finally here.

Students are cramming for tests and typing papers before heading into the long break. With many different summer plans, there is one goal shared among the EKU student body: to ace those final exams, though it seems that everyone has their own way of studying.

Though final exams can be stressful to students, the John Grant Crabbe Library caters to students by doing a few things. On Monday, May 6, the library gave out study snacks in the main lobby. The snacks are free and are available while supplies last. On May 1, they handed out final exam “survival kits.” The kits included a snack, bubble wrap, highlighters, a blue book for notetaking and more.

The library has been open 24 hours since April 24 and will continue to be until Thursday, May 9, according to its website. After that date, it will go back to its usual hours.

Sarah Ratliff, a public relations major, is busy with both studying and planning class presentations.

“I plan on studying for finals by drinking a lot of energy drinks and pulling all-nighters. This is my last final so I’m going to push through and then I’ll be done for good,” Ratliff said.

Ratliff said she is ready to be done because she graduates and then begins a job in Nashville this summer.

Emma Baldwin, a junior this year, only has one remaining final exam this semester in her physics class. Baldwin is also a public relations major, with a minor in physics and concentration in pre-optometry.

“I plan on reading over all of the chapters and studying over my old tests to make sure that I can work out all of the problems,” Baldwin said. “Then I’ll head home to work at my job for the summer.”

Nursing student Madelyn Abell is preparing for her final exams, as well for the upcoming week.

“Preparing for finals wasn’t as difficult this semester, not because my finals will be any easier, but because I know graduation is just around the corner,” Abell said. “I have developed some pretty efficient ways of studying throughout the years, so I feel confident that my exams will go smoothly.”

Bobbi Bennett, a senior studying psychology, plans to study by using repetition.

“That has always been the best way for me to study,” said Bennett.

With the library as a resource, caffeine and effective study methods, students are looking to take this finals week head-on.

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