As students arrive for the start of a new school year, many will wonder which items a college student should have in their dorms, in the classroom and on their person. Below are item suggestions for your dorm and throughout campus.

Items for your dorm

Most should already have the basics, like pillows and a microwave. However, some essential items are those that slip through the cracks. Here are some items for a dorm which students may not have thought about:

  • A fan (for when your roommate likes to turn the thermometer to 80 in August)

  • A miniature vacuum

  • Rain boots (to protect against mud puddles when walking to class)

  • A sleep mask (in case your roommate needs to study when you need to sleep)

  • Air freshener

  • Extra toilet paper (if you’re living in a dorm with a communal bathroom, this is a must. Sometimes the dorm runs out of toilet paper, sometimes that toilet paper is thin and papery… just be sure to buy a six-pack of Cottonelle just in case)

  • Garbage bags

  • Batteries

  • Flashlight

  • A mattress pad (a TRUE essential)

Items for the classroom:

In the classroom, items that are needed are not too different from what is required in high school. As long as you have your basics, and read your syllabus to see what other requirements the professor wants, you should be fine.

  • Planner

  • No. 2 Pencils (for Scantrons)

  • Sticky notes

  • Pens, highlighters

  • Notebooks

  • Binders and loose leaf paper

  • Folders (labeled)

  • Notecards

  • Laptop/smartphone

  • Phone and laptop chargers

  • Syllabus

  • Copy of schedule and classes

Items to have on hand:

While walking around on campus, there are some things that are convenient to have on hand so that you’re well prepared for whatever situation arises. Blistered feet, sunburns, and being caught in the rain can all be prevented by carrying a few items in your backpack.

  • Gum/mints

  • Band-Aids

  • Extra deodorant

  • Perfume/cologne

  • Tylenol

  • Cash

  • School ID

  • Sunglasses

  • An umbrella

  • Water

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