Eastern Kentucky University, as well as all other schools in the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC), will now be working with ESPN to provide live streaming of their sporting events.

Since the beginning of the Fall semester, EKU has streamed all athletic events on ESPN+, a new streaming service launched in April. With the help of both ESPN and the OVC, EKU Athletic’s co-op students, who are responsible for the production and live streaming, now have brand new equipment.

David Miller, EKU Athletics Digital Broadcast and Video Coordinator, started as a co-op student himself while attending EKU from 2011 to 2014. After he graduated and was offered a job with EKU Athletics, he worked to expand the program to what it is today.

Miller said the contract with ESPN has helped not only the broadcast, but also the students who work for him.

“It has brought more exposure for our athletic programs, but then it also heightens the product that we need to produce,” Miller said.

The new equipment has now been up and operational since the start of the semester. The new equipment includes video monitors, a replay system and a graphics computer.

“What I’m most looking forward to is our new 3Play system. That will help us with our instant replays. It will give us more angles than we’ve ever had before and the students will get to work with those things,” Miller said.

But most importantly, Miller said this new deal will make a student stand out above others when applying for jobs.

“Just as much as those four letters have an expectation of what people are going to see on TV, those same 4 letters can also draw some attention to a resume,” Miller said.

Even before EKU began streaming games on ESPN+, Broadcasting and Electronic Media students who participated in the co-op with EKU Athletics had a good reputation.

“Other reporters from LEX18, or other stations, they brag about how much more prepared students coming out of EKUs broadcasting department are, as opposed to people coming out of UK or other places,” Miller said.

Dylan Travis, a senior Broadcasting and Electronic Media major from Irvine, said the program and being a right-hand man to David Miller has prepared him for what’s to come after graduation.

“Getting experience, just working cameras, being a technical director, producing, working graphics. Anything like that is going to help you after you graduate, even if you don’t want to get in to sports,” Travis said. “Being a good shooter, being able to direct something. You could direct the Grammy’s one day, you never know. Anything like that helps you get better at broadcasting.” 

As someone who has worked consistently with the new equipment, Travis said it takes the live stream to a new level.

“I love the new equipment. It’s a lot more professional than what we had in the past. I think it’s going to make it a lot easier to provide good broadcasts out to ESPN+ and our audience,” Travis said.

In addition to the live streaming of sporting events, Travis has also traveled with EKU’s athletic teams, helped edit highlights and worked on the Inside EKU Sports program.

For more information on the EKU Athletics co-op program, or to find out how to get enrolled, e-mail David Miller at david.miller@eku.edu.  

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