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A group of students in the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences register for spring 2022 classes. The students searched CRNs for their potential classes.

On Nov. 17, Eastern Kentucky University’s Student Life and First-Year Experience hosted the tenth anniversary of their annual Registration Games on the second floor of Powell. The Registration Games is a way for first-year students to register for spring classes with assistance from advisors. 

In past years, incoming students registered for fall classes during new student orientation before the semester began. This year, due to COVID-19, incoming students were pre-registered for all of their classes. 

Reagan Wolford, a freshman communication disorders major, felt nervous about registering for classes for the first time.

“I’m nervous that I’m not going to get into the classes that I want,” said Wolford.

The Registration Games is directed towards freshman and first-year students and was heavily recommended by first-year seminar professors.

Previously, the event was hosted in Keen Johnson where students would  sign in, and be sent off to area computer labs to register for classes.

“If students finished registering for their classes early, there were games set up for students to play,” said Star Wentzel, director of first-year courses.

This year due to COVID-19, the Registration Games have experienced some changes. Rather than hosting the event in the Keen Johnson building, the event was on the second floor of Powell. Each college had their own rooms for registration with advisors from each college assisting students.

Wolford said, “I like how it’s organized into the different colleges, and how there is someone here to help us."

Another change that occurred this year at the event is the lack of games.

Wentzel said that because of the pandemic, they decided not to have games. Instead, this year’s main focus was  guiding freshman students as they registered for  classes and searched class CRN numbers. 

She also said compared to past years, this year’s students asked more questions.

“Students are more confused because they have never done this (register) before,” Wentzel said.

According to the Office of Institutional Research, EKU currently has 3,458 students registered as freshmen. This is an increase of 745 students compared to fall 2020. 

Wentzel expected about 400-500 students to attend the Registration Games this year. This is a big difference, compared to last year when the event was held virtually.

Students were told to bring their laptops and RAC numbers,  given to them by their advisors. If a student did not have a laptop with them, each room had a cart of laptops provided.

Students were then given a sheet of paper to help them organize their CRNs.

The first hour of the event focused more on finding CRN’s and making a list of their desired classes. Once registration opened at 5 p.m., students were then permitted to register for classes.

Wentzel said that because of the close proximity of rooms on the second floor of Powell, it may be the new location for the Registration Games. With more students owning their own devices, there is no longer a need to send students to computer labs around campus. 

Students can add or drop a course without a fee until March 14, 2022. If questions arise about courses, students are encouraged to meet with their advisors.

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