The EKU Human Resources Communications department had over 20 health screenings available and set up 80 tables at this year’s health fair on March 27 in Keen Johnson.

The fair has been an annual event for many years, and each year the event has gotten bigger.

“We’ve been doing a health fair for a decade, but they have always been small. This one has over-exceeded the expectations we had for the amount of screenings and vendors that we had today . . .This was definitely the biggest we’ve ever had,” said Human Resources Communications Coordinator Tammy Cornett.

Cara Johnson, an employee wellness graduate assistant said that 250 EKU employees and 50 students filled out and distributed 500 cards and 600 tote bags.

Blood glucose, blood typing, stroke and kidney screenings were just some of the services being offered. Cornett said they were excited to have so many health screening opportunities on campus.

The fair was broken down into four different sections: one with booths set up by EKU students, one for benefit providers for EKU employees, a section with health screenings and another with all the vendors.

Cornett said that this year’s fair was organized differently than previous years.

“We tried to break things down a little differently this year,” Cornett said.

There was no fee for vendors to enter the fair. Instead, they were each asked to bring $25 to $50 worth of door prizes. Students or employees who came to the fair would sign in and be given a ticket. If they visited two vendors and got two screenings done, they would be entered in for a chance to win a door prize.

“We have about a hundred door prizes right now,” Cornett said. “There are no retail sales allowed here.”

Cornett said she hopes that next year, students and employees will reach out to even more local vendors to come to the fair.

“This is the first year that we reached out a lot and asked local vendors and businesses to come,” Cornett said.  As for the date of next year’s fair, Cornett said, “We do this every year in between Madison County’s and EKU’s spring break.”

EKU HR will try to continue the event’s history of growth.

“We’ve outgrown every location we’ve been in,” Cornett said.

More information on this or future health fairs can be found at under the health fair tab.

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