With a degree under her belt and a little luck in her shoe, EKU alum, Taylor Six has hit the ground running with her career as a professional journalist. 

Six graduated in December of 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. The up-and-coming news writer quickly found her place as a political reporter for the Richmond Register. She now finds herself writing stories on everything from property tax rates to chemical demilitarization, but still misses her time at EKU and all the people who helped her along the way.

“She always had plenty of energy; she was always vibrant but she would always think I can’t do this,” said Michael Randolph, a senior lecturer at EKU. “But when I threw her in the deep end, she  would always come out and say ‘that was fun thanks for pushing me.’ That’s what I like about Taylor Six.”

Six didn’t always want to be a journalist. When she was younger, she did what she called “The stereotypical thing of wanting to be a teacher or doctor.” But all throughout middle school and high school, writing was one of her passions.

At one point she even thought about studying English but just didn’t know how to make a future out of it. It wasn’t until her time at EKU that she decided to give newswriting a try, though she admitted to being miserable at it starting out.

Through hard work and perseverance, however, Six pushed through her rocky start in journalistic writing and by her junior year had found that it was the career she wanted to pursue.  She had become a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and worked on many stories with the Eastern Progress during her studies at EKU.

Though there were stressful nights and many deadlines, Six had Seth Littrell, the business manager of the Eastern Progress, to thank for helping her through a lot during her time at the student run newspaper.  

Littrell was actually the one who saw the job opening at the Richmond Register and convinced Six to apply for it. When she got the call for an interview, she was so nervous that she relied on one of her father’s old superstitions and kept a silver dollar in her shoe for just a little extra luck.

Whether the luck helped her get the job, Six isn’t sure, but she was positive that the tools and skills she had acquired from all of the classes and professors in EKU’s Communications department were essential to her success. 

“I really like working with everyone and getting to know their story,” said Six. “The fact that people trust me to tell their story is really cool.”

When Six started her position as a political journalist, she didn’t know if she would enjoy it at first but soon came to appreciate how much it keeps her on her toes. Every day is different for her, with the ever-changing political landscapes and the happenings of city government. She thinks she has a crazy job but said she couldn’t see herself doing anything else.

In the future, Six plans to continue her work as a political reporter, possibly in a bigger city, and maybe one day return to her studies for her master’s degree. With hopes to even write a book someday, her passion for writing continues to thrive. 

Though she feels grown up having a 401-k and a retirement plan, Six still reminisces about her time at EKU, where she enjoyed the people and the atmosphere on campus. She liked how everyone was in the same boat.

Now that she has moved on from college-life, the one piece of advice she wished she took was to not let herself get wrapped up in perfection and stress because the tools she was given through her studies at EKU were all she needed. 

“I know it’s stressful, there were so many nights I would cry my eyes out and stress because I was nervous about school, the paper and doing it all,” said Six. “But I really miss EKU a lot, so enjoy it while you’re here; you can’t get it back once it’s gone.”

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