Dante Webb (right) and Carson England (left) are candidates for SGA's 2023 president and vice president election. 

Spring comes in waves, through changes in weather, landscaping, and attitudes. Campus politics are no different, with these changes coming in the form of Student Government Association (SGA) elections. Dante Webb and Carson England have made their bid as candidates for student body president and vice president, running on a platform to “educate, equip and empower.” 

Both candidates are junior aviation majors at EKU with concentrations in aerospace management, and involvement with SGA and Greek Life. 

Webb currently serves as the SGA director of diversity and inclusion, vice president of the Multicultural Greek Council, and member of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity.

England, a student worker for Student Life, is also the diversity, equity, and inclusion officer for the Interfraternal Council and the leadership development chair for Sigma Nu Fraternity. 

“Me and Carson have worked together in a variety of different ways whether that be in the classroom, student government一as he's a current senator一and now with Greek Life that I'm a part of, I have worked with him, in different philanthropies and different events or like our, both fraternities,” said Webb. 

England and Webb have known each other since their freshman year. Webb initially proposed the idea of candidacy to England. 

“We’ve been on the same page for everything. When he gave me the first call, I had no clue what it was going to be about. And then from there on, it's like, no doubt in my mind, like we've been perfect together and it's been really well,” said England. 

Webb started in SGA as a member of the diversity cabinet, before moving into a senator position. Now, he holds office as the director of diversity and inclusion.

England, a current senator in SGA, has been involved with the Interfraternal Council as the organization’s diversity and equity inclusion officer. 

“I'm very involved in Senate,” said England. “I've gone to a ton of leadership conferences. I hold leadership positions in my own chapter through IFC (Interfraternal Council), which is over all of the fraternities.” 

Both candidates decided to run for student government because of their hope for change in the organization. Transparency is a key point of their campaign and for the future for SGA. 

“I personally dislike PR (public relations) answers. I personally dislike beating around the bush. I will be transparent and up front with both the board members and students because I believe that's what gets things done,” said Webb. “I would probably serve or hopefully serve as a line of communication between the students and the board members一bridging that connection between the higher ups and the students would just be like a main priority.”

Additionally, the campaign hopes to “bring back the student voice.” 

“I feel like it has been lost over the years,” said Webb. “Bringing back the student voice and empowering everyone is just gonna be kind of the main thing that we're gonna be working on一I believe the Student Government Association is here to hear these student voices.”

As the vice presidential candidate, England hopes to be a supportive figure for Webb’s presidency. 

“Making sure that legislation gets to the right offices and helping support Dante一 he's gonna be a student regent on the board. So, giving him the support and the power to take things to the regions to where things will actually get done and make the students feel like what they're doing is worth it,” said England. 

The Webb-England campaign stresses their “big three Es,” lobbying to empower, educate, and equip the student body.  

“We are here to pass bills and legislation that do eventually reach the higher ups and they do take into account what the Senate of Student Government is saying because this is what students are saying,” said Webb. “To equip these organizations, to equip these students with the resources in organizations like the Student Government Association 一 To empower the student body to utilize these resources to utilize their voice because we are here, we are here to listen to them.” 

Both candidates participated in the recent SGA debate, expressing satisfaction regarding their performance.                           . 

“I think the debate went really well. Everyone on all sides on all campaign teams brought some really good points,” said England. “It really gave people who were there who were on the fence一it really gave them a little deeper look into each side and kind of gave everyone a fair opportunity to promote why they're there.” 

Both candidates encourage students to participate in the election, set to take place Tuesday, March 28 on EKU Direct. 

 “We don't care if we win,” said Webb. “We just want people to go vote.” 

For more information on the Webb-England campaign, visit their Instagram page @webbengland23.

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