EKU faculty profile: Dr. Dannie Moore

Eastern Kentucky University welcomed Moore to the position of Vice President Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer in July of 2020.

After high school graduation, Dannie Moore saw himself as someone that would be forgotten. High school counselors told Moore that he would never make it to college. Moore now obtains a doctorate degree, and his passion is to never have another student feel that they cannot be academically successful.

Eastern Kentucky University welcomed Moore to the position of Vice President Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer in July of 2020.

“Growing up, I was the first person in my family to ever consider college,” Moore said. “Getting into college and graduating college was the goal. I saw it as a way to truly transform my family and serve as a role model for my community.”

Moore’s hometown is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In high school, he received more college rejection letters than acceptance. Moore attended the University of Wisconsin-Parkside where he studied communication. 

In college, Moore was the president of the Black Student Union, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, a senator of Student Government Association, the chair of Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee, a resident advisor and an admissions tour guide.

Moore attended college with the idea to become a radio host. He was an on-air personality for the college radio show WIPZ. Moore’s experiences on the college campus sparked his interest in diversity and led him to work in higher education. 

East Illinois University paid for Moore to receive a master’s degree while he worked on campus. At Northern Kentucky University, Moore received a doctorate degree in educational leadership. Moore interned two summers at Marquette University. He worked at the University of Texas at Arlington in multicultural affairs and diversity programming, then at Northern Kentucky University in student affairs and diversity programming before being hired at EKU. 

Moore felt the job opportunity at EKU was too good to be true.

“EKU had everything I loved about the work that I was doing,” Moore said. “I will be the first to tell you that it took a lot of people and engagement throughout my college journey for me to be successful. I truly believe that, with the right support and resources, all students can be successful.”

Because of Moore’s position at EKU, he is able to advocate for students, impact policies, provide minorities with needed resources, ensure an equitable faculty recruitment process and create programs that support his passion on campus.

“It is important for people to realize that we have to look at students for who they are and not necessarily the obstacles that they faced to get to where they are,” Moore said. “It is important that our students are able to really thrive, are comfortable with the uncomfortable and are able to engage people that are different.”

Moore’s experiences and college journey shaped his passion for diversity, equity and inclusion work. 

In the next year, Moore wants to accomplish creation of additional support resources for marginalized students; embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into the foundation of the institution; and create robust DEI educational opportunities for faculty and staff. 

“This is my dream job,” Moore said. “I can impact other students to make sure that they have the same success and help the students realize that they can make it to college and whatever goals they set they can achieve.”

Moore has a wife and two daughters who he enjoys spending time with outside of work. Moore is currently helping to prepare his oldest daughter for academic success at college, and Moore said the application process thus far has been great.

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