More than 150 students gathered in Whitlock auditorium to participate in Disney Trivia on Monday night.

The event, hosted by Student Life & First Year Experience, consisted of six rounds of ten questions, The teams were made of three or less students.

Disney Trivia night utilized the platform Kahoot!, a multiple choice quiz app that allows participants to utilize their mobile devices as clickers/buzzers. Throughout trivia night, student workers patrolled the area to ensure no more than one device was being used per team, as well as checking to make sure no participants were googling the answers to the questions.

A variety of prizes were awarded throughout the event including Disney vinyl players for first place, Amazon Firesticks for second, and Blu-Ray box sets of all three Toy Story movies and the Lion King for third.

Earlier in the week students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of service events to earn entries into the drawing for the door prize, a Star Wars Monopoly set. These service events included making cards for a local nursing home, volunteering at Colonel’s Cupboard, making dog toys for the Madison County Humane Society and donating canned food items at the entrance of the event.

“I loved Disney Trivia!” said junior psychology major Jessica King. “I thought that the questions were a good mix of both easy and difficult. What I liked best was that it was a more relaxed environment than bingo, which is great because some people don’t enjoy the huge crowd and all the noise during bingo. I also liked how winning wasn’t entirely by chance like it is in bingo.”

Although King loved the event, she noted that there is not much room for growth considering there were 65 teams at the event.  “One thing that should be kept in mind is that Kahoot has a limit of 99 players so there is limited space for trivia if they choose to keep using Kahoot,” King said.

Pendleton said the event was well received from its early stages. “Disney Trivia has been received by the campus extremely well. We’ve had a lot of buzz about the event on social media, and word-of-mouth has been big for us around campus. We are extremely optimistic about the success of tonight’s event,” he stated.

Prizes were awarded under the titles that students generated for their teams at the start of the event. First place was received by “Emily & Lakin :)”. Second place was awarded to “The Disney Junkies” and in third place was “The Three Musketeers”.

Many free events are made available to EKU students through the Student Life Office, such as monthly bingo. These events are typically held in Keen Johnson ballroom, however, Disney Trivia was hosted in Whitlock because the auditorium style seating is better suited for trivia style events, according to coordinator of student activities, Andrew Pendleton.

Dylan Bogard, coordinator of community service programs and Colonel’s Cupboard gave further insight into the purpose of Disney Trivia. “This event was not only meant to be a wonderful addition to our list of fun activities for students, but also meant to raise awareness of various service opportunities on and off campus,” he said.

The first of three service projects that took place prior to Disney Trivia was creating cards for residents of Madison Health and Rehabilitation in Richmond. “These cards not only help to brighten the residents’ days, but this project also raises awareness of the service work that be performed for or at the facility. We will be hosting out “‘Senior Prom’ there this April as well,” he added.

The second project was hosted at Colonel’s Cupboard. Students were given the chance to help with the needs of the facility, as well as donate items.n the days prior to Disney Trivia, EKU students made recycled dog toys from old t-shirts. After the event, the toys were donated to local animal shelters.

Students can stay up-to-date on Student Life & First-Year Experience  events by visiting, liking their Facebook page (, following their Twitter/Instagram (@EKUStudentLife), looking out for their announcements on EKU Students Today.

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