SGA Office

SGA President Madison Lipscomb, poses outside the new SGA Office. 

The Student Government Association (SGA) office is finally back in the Powell Building after spending two years relocated to the Coates Administration Building while Powell was under renovation. During that time, student senators in SGA saw less and less involvement with the organization.

“It wasn’t really a space that was good for students. There was no foot traffic. No one knew where the building was, or that we were even in there,” said Madison Lipscomb, Eastern Kentucky University’s student body president.

Many of the other student senators voiced their concerns on this topic, as well.

“I was here before Powell was renovated, and it was just a central spot on campus. We had a lot of involvement, and it did go down a bit when we moved to Coates because there’s just no student traffic whatsoever,” said Nick Koenig, chair of the academic affairs committee and student senate.

With the completion of the new Powell Student Center, the SGA office has now been relocated back to the second floor of the Powell building in Room 116. SGA kicked off the opening of its new office on Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. 

Beyond a renovated SGA office, Powell additions include individual and group study spaces on the first and second floors of the building, a new ballroom that is similar in size to the Keen Johnson ballroom and even a new game room, which will include games designed by students in EKU’s game design major.

SGA participants said they hope the new office space is more accessible to students so they can voice concerns about events on campus. They also have lots of upcoming events in the works.

“Sometimes just having somewhere to stop in and ask a question is nice. So, now that we’re back in here it’s going to be a lot better,” Lipscomb said.

SGA hopes to break the stigma behind the idea that they are not advocating for students. 

“That’s what we’re here to do — to be that relay of messages from the students on to the administrators,” said Lipscomb.

Student senators are in hopes that moving back to the student center that students will come around more, even if they are not in SGA. 

“I think it’s going to revolutionize our progress we can make on campus. With being in the center of campus people might be more inclined to just walk in one day. That’s how we can increase involvement, and I’m super excited for that,” Koenig said. 

If you’re interested in joining SGA, you can go to their website where all their contact information is listed. You can also reach out to any SGA Senator, or head to the ‘Engage’ page at to engage and request to join SGA.

“It’s super easy to get involved, and it’s a life changing experience,” Lipscomb said. “We hope the new office can be a place where ideas can be bounced off each other, and where students can have informal conversations about what’s happening on campus.”

SGA and SAC are always hosting various events around campus throughout the semesters that students  can find information on social media, such as instagram and twitter 


For this week, the Spring 2020 RSO Funding Mandatory Informational Meetings are happening Jan. 27 to 28 in the Crabbe Library room 204G and Jan 29 in the Crabbe Library room 128. All meetings starting at 7:30pm.

RSOs who have requested funding must attend one of these meetings. For more information, email the RSO Chair Caleb Burchett.


Locations in Powell Building 

  • Ground Floor: Starbucks, Steak 'n' Shake, Barnes & Nobles at EKU, US Bank/Card Services
  • 1st Floor: Student Life Office, Greek Life Office, Student Government Association Office
  • 2nd Floor: Closed off until renovations are completed 

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