“I Voted”… And You Should Too

Election Day is November 3, 2020 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This submission is by Student Government Association Vice President Nick Koenig. If you are interested in submitting a Letter to the Editor please email progress@eku.edu.

I voted. I voted for my future, for my community, for the environment, for the simple reason that I can and must. We all have our reasons why we should vote. 

This year’s election was the first United States presidential election where I had the opportunity to cast a ballot. I imagine this was a first for many of my fellow Colonels as well. To add on to all the absurdity of 2020, there is a presidential election, but this should be no excuse to not vote. When putting my absentee ballot in the mailbox, I put on an imaginary “I Voted” sticker and went on with my day.

The classic “I Voted” sticker should be displayed front and center to tell people you cast your ballot to maintain our democracy. The origin of the sticker seems to be a bit confusing, but it was designed and patented by Janet Boudreau who “quickly sold tens of millions to election offices across the country” (99 percent Invisible). 

There are many local variants of the sticker; however, the premise of the sticker is one of great pride and privilege. It baffles me when I learn that people don’t vote. There are millions of Americans who cannot vote, but people who can choose not to.

However, in the 2020 election thus far, there have been a record-breaking number of voters, and, more specifically, voters in my generation. This is exhilarating. Young voters should and must be leading the conversation in the direction we want it, and this starts with filling an oval! 

There are so many reasons to vote, and we each have our own set of reasons.

“I Voted”… and you should too.

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