One of the big questions college students may find themselves asking is how to make the choice between enrolling in an online class and taking a more traditional on-campus class. While there are many benefits and drawbacks to either type of educational setting, not excluding price and other deciding variables, I personally feel that online classes are well worth the extra cost of $409 per credit hour, if you’re willing to put in the work, that is.

If you’re anything like me, your college schedule is packed. Many college students have to juggle a busy schedule of classes, homework, extracurriculars and many other obligations. Free time is often taken up with homework and time spent with friends. Relaxation and even sleep can fall by the wayside.

Online classes give students the freedom and ability to come up with their own schedule and do the work at their own pace. While there may be certain deadlines for assignments, students do not have to worry about making it to class or choosing to skip and not being able to catch up. The work can be done at each student’s own pace. This frees up a lot of time for other activities.

Online classes can be beneficial for non-traditional, older or employed students who may not have the time or abilities to make it to a class several times a week. In fact, some students get their degrees purely through online classes, either through accredited universities like EKU or through an online institution.

Organization is key for online classes. Students must be self-driven and determined to pass each course since there are no face-to-face interactions as a reminder to turn in papers or how to organize your time. While this can be a challenge for some, once you become organized, the rest comes easily.

Right now, I am enrolled in an online class, and with the help of organizational skills, I am able to take on 19 credit hours, something I definitely would not have time for with only traditional classes.

Though there are many benefits to taking online courses, a big deterrent to a lot of undergraduate students is the price. EKU prices its online courses at about $409 per credit hour for most degree programs. For students who are already enrolled full-time in the traditional sense, these prices can often be too much. However, if you can handle the cost and the organization, online courses are a great alternative.

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