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ATO fraternity takes a crack at fundraising for a good cause

By MICHELLE GODA The men of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity cringed behind chicken wire while eggs were hurled at them to raise money for charity at the fraternity’s Egg-A-Rega event. The ATO members set up on Powell corner from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 23 through 25. Students, faculty and staff could pay $1 for one egg or $5 for six eggs. All of the money raised went to Hope’s Wings Domestic Violence Shelter in Richmond. The eggs could be thrown at any present ATO member. Dakota Schively, 19, a pre-nursing major from Georgetown is a member of ATO’s social service committee. He said the chapter chose to host this specific event after looking at other ATO chapters’ philanthropy events across the nation. Schively and others chose Egg-a-Rega because of its great success at other universities. “Oklahoma University [ATO’s] do this event during their homecoming week and raise thousands of dollars,” Schively said. Keeping in mind the recent snow-shoveling Twitter challenge between President Michael Benson and another Eastern student, ATO member Tyson Barnett, 18, tweeted at the president with his own request. “I want @EKUPrez to come to Powell Corner tomorrow and pay to throw an egg at me in support of Hope’s Wings Domestic Violence Shelter,” said Barnett in his tweet. Taking Barnett up on his offer, Benson showed up to Powell Corner and purchased an entire...

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Scott/Potter win the 2015 SGA presidential election

Katie Scott and Collin Potter have been voted the 2015-2016 student body president and executive vice president, respectively.

Voting took place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 24. Students had the option to vote online or on paper. The total vote count for president and vice presidential candidates was 1,954 votes. The Scott/Potter campaign earned 1,180 of those votes.

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Spy film blends action, humor

By MICHAEL EMERSON Kingsman: The Secret Service is a beautiful explosion of action, comedy and espionage all presented with a gentlemanly grace. Kingsman, directed by Matthew Vaughn of Kick- Ass and X-Men fame tells the story of a young man who finds himself the fortunate candidate for an underground league of super spy’s called the Kingsman. During his training a billionaire Zuckerberg expy, named Valentine, puts a plan into motion that could endanger the entire world. What seems like a typical run of the mill, “unlikely hero,” story actually turns out to be a poignant, clever and interesting story. The film based off the comic book written by Mark Millar who also wrote the critically acclaimed Kick-Ass, and brings his brand of fictional satire to the big screen, except this time it has do with super spies instead of super heroes. Kingsman sports great pacing amidst its somewhat stuffed cast and sometimes it feels as if it had to cut some corners in the story department in order to fit everything in. Being based on a comic book the film has to serve as an origin story to the main character of Eggsy and serve the three act structure expected of a blockbuster film. This usually becomes a double edged sword to these types of films but Kingsman avoids this by having the story focused on its main...

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Kentucky’s Women: Leadership and Legacy

By KAYLA LASURE The start of March marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. Kentucky’s Women: Leadership and Legacy events will be sponsored throughout the month by EKU Libraries and the Special Collections and Archives office. Krista Rhodus, the director of library advancement, said this is the first time EKU Libraries has hosted events for Women’s History Month. Tuesday, March 10 a presentation will be given, titled The Life and Impact Mary Roark, the newly recognized second president and first female president of Eastern. Damir Siahkoohi, 22, a homeland security, history and political science senior from Irvine, will give the presentation about Roark as he played a role in getting Roark’s presidency position recognized. The special collections and archives office knew about the research he did on Roark and asked him to speak on her behalf for Women’s History Month. “I’ll be talking about who she is, what she did and how she did it,” Siahkoohi said. “My core question is, why do we not know who Mary Roark is?” Neil Kasiak, a faculty member in the special collections and archives department, will present the second event Katherine Phelps Caperton: Preserving A Legacy, Tuesday, March 17. Kasiak will talk about Katherine Caperton, a woman who helped to capture Madison County’s history. The last event for the month will feature Teresa Ann Issac, the former Lexington mayor, discussing Sex...

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Progress viewpoint: Students deserve more time to learn about fee before Senate vote

The Student Senate will be voting this Tuesday evening on a $150 per semester fee that would be imposed on students. The fee will be used to fund renovations to the Powell Building as well as the construction of a new Fitness and Wellness Center.
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Accompanying a story last week about the various construction projects on campus, The Eastern Progress ran three images of incorrect renderings of the reading porch planned for the south side of the Crabbe Library. The renderings the newspaper included were of the initial sketches of the space. Those renderings have since been revised, as seen in the image here. In addition, the article incorrectly listed the financial donation provided by Ron and Sherrie Noel as $250,000. The couple has in fact donated $350,000 toward the...

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