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Police Beats – Keene Hall resident stalked by ex-girlfriend

Jan. 19 A student reported his bike was stolen from outside Sullivan Hall over winter break. Jan. 26 A Keene Hall resident reported he was being harassed and stalked by his ex-girlfriend. He claimed she would also enter his dorm room and refuse to leave, but had not threatened or assaulted him. A student reported she had been stalked and harassed by a male student she met last semester. After communicating she was uninterested, the student continued to message her. EKU police confronted him at his dorm in New Hall and he agreed to delete her contact and not message her again. Jan. 29 A student reported mirrors knocked off of several vehicles going down Summit...

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Campus Cooking Challenge

Colonel’s Cupboard hosted a cooking competition where students had 45 minutes to make a dish out of common food pantry donation items such as rice, noodles, pasta and tuna Wednesday, Feb. 1. The winners received embroidered...

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Liberals should check their message at the door

Every poll leading up to last Tuesday had Clinton up 5 or 6 points and was almost a lock for the White House. Some radically left pundits thought Trump might not win a state, or at least very few. The big, dumb, white rednecks living in their trailer parks in the deep South couldn’t possibly outnumber the progressive intellects in this country and all the minorities that of course can only vote Democrat, right?

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Construction is ruining vibe on campus

Overall, most EKU students would probably agree that the mass amount of construction on campus is excessive and annoying. It may be improving campus overall in the long run, but it could have been done piece-by-piece, instead of at one time. Not only is it hurting the atmosphere and the beauty of campus, but it has depleted housing and parking spaces on a major scale.

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Budget cuts always seem to target staff rather than faculty

No staff can use their real name when addressing any issue related to faculty; it is too risky-we will be eliminated so quickly… For the last several years, every budget cut has been to staff: The RIF (reduction in force) saw some departments lose 20+ staff (IT and Facilities) and the second RIF white boxed and gray boxed more staff. The most recent student success RIF saw all staff eliminated. The two faculty that had staff positions went back to being faculty. Vacation accrual impacted only staff. The current RFP out impacts only staff. Even athletics has cut staff positions.

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