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Eastern Scholar House provides opportunities for single parent residents

The Eastern Scholar House, located on Paul van Hoose Drive, has had single parent residents living in the units since July 15, but only recently had its ribbon cutting ceremony. On Friday, September 8, EKU administration officially introduced the Eastern Scholar House to campus. Though the house is located on EKU’s campus, it is not owned or operated by EKU.

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In memory of Caleb Dunn

Caleb will be remembered for his work with the Student Government Association (SGA), involvement with ATO, love for African-American History, as an EKU student but most importantly for his friendship and love for others. “Caleb was irreplaceable.”

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Solar eclipse draws hundreds to EKU

The Solar Eclipse Event at the Perkins Building and Hummel Planetarium gave EKU students and visitors the opportunity to view a solar eclipse with 95 percent totality — percentage of the Sun covered by the Moon — the highest in Richmond’s recent history. Cutting a path of totality from Oregon to South Carolina, the 2017 eclipse is the first total eclipse to be visible from the continental U.S. since 1979.

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