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Senior finds unexpected home away from home

Ryan Parsons sat down with a huge smile, one that seemed to be permanently etched on his face. The senior was wearing black Nike Roshe running shoes with shorts and an EKU basketball T-shirt. He was happy, maybe because the Yankees just started their season or he happened to catch a Seinfeld marathon. His smile is genuine, but just a week ago, his basketball career ended.

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NCAA trip left players feeling like rock stars

By DEVERIN MUFF The season for the basketball team came to a close in St. Louis, but not without a fight. We were selected to play Kansas in the first round of the NCAA tournament. After selection Sunday, we began to prepare, in what were some of the toughest practices we’ve had in a while. Although the practices were tough, I think our team had the most fun of the practices because we all saw the light at the end of the tunnel–and it was on the biggest stage in college basketball. On the Wednesday before we left...

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