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Mascot change suggestions uncreative

The following list is every university with a Bulldog mascot: Adrian College Alabama A&M University Bowie State University Bryant College Butler University California State University, Fresno Concordia University Cumberland University Drake University Ferris State University Gardner-Webb University Louisiana Tech University McPherson College Mississippi State University Samford University South Carolina State University Southwestern Oklahoma State University Texas Lutheran University The Citadel Truman State University Union College University of Georgia University of Minnesota Duluth University of Montana-Western University of Redlands Wingate University Yale University The only way you could have been more unoriginal was to suggest we adopt the “tiger” as a new mascot. We are proud graduates of EKU will always consider ourselves Colonel.   Anthony Whitaker and Josh Nicholas 2011 Eastern...

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Colonel honors university tradition and core values

I always pick up the “Progress” on Thursday between classes, mostly for the Police Beat or to see whatever liberal rant has been published.

Last week’s edition took me by surprise. In the letters to the editor, one entitled “University should consider mascot change” made me ponder how far some may be willing to go with this rebranding.

I understand the forward thinking and support President Michael Benson in his endeavors to have Eastern join the ranks of other schools, such as the Universities of Louisville or Kentucky.

However, I see a line that should be drawn.

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Mascot change much needed

I enjoyed William Ellis’s letter to the editor in last Thursday’s “Progress” (“University Should Consider Mascot Change” Sept. 26, A5). He suggested Eastern drop the old Colonel as the athletic mascot and as our university symbol.

I agree with Dr. Ellis 100 percent.

Ellis has deep roots at Eastern, as do I. I served for six years as news editor for Eastern’s Division of Public Information. So I’m familiar, at least somewhat, with the needs and goals of university advancement. I also earned a master’s degree from Eastern in 1990 in English. And, of course, I’m currently a senior lecturer in the Department of English and Theatre. So I have every interest in helping Eastern advance into the new century.

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University Should Consider Mascot Change

My love of Eastern runs long and deep. In 1967 I graduated with an master of arts in history in the first class after the school was granted university status the previous year. Eastern redirected my life and the faculty encouraged me to continue my graduate studies.  I was granted a Ph.D. in history at UK in 1974. After three years of teaching at Lees Junior College I came back to teach at Eastern in 1970, eventually retiring after 29 years in 1999. The University Press of Kentucky published my history of Eastern in 2005 and “A History of Education in Kentucky” in 2011. I have developed rather strong and I think well-grounded thoughts about what faces Kentucky education in the future. The days of boundless growth, such as in the post-World War II years through the early 1970s are gone. Eastern has settled into a 16,000 or so enrollment. Unless, the General Assembly develops the backbone to push higher education to new levels in Kentucky there will not be much growth if any in the coming years. Perhaps improved educational standards will help by preparing more Kentucky high school graduates for college. If Eastern wants to keep its high standards, maintain a fine faculty, and appeal to not only Kentucky students but to those in other states and abroad, I agree with the current administration that “branding” is of...

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