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Gun control measures restrict freedoms, counteract Second Amendment

In 1971 the Bill of Rights was officially ratified. It’s second amendment has been, the subject of heated debate nationally but most notably within the media. For those of you who are not familiar with the amendment, it states as follows: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

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Car emissions are second largest source of greenhouse gas

We constantly hear about going green in order to save our world from global warming. As you probably know, carbon dioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas, and motor vehicles are the second largest source of it. Undoubtedly, reducing carbon emissions would be great. The air would be cleaner and global warming could slow down or even stop, depending on the amount of reduction. However, reducing carbon pollution comes at a cost.

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Screening UK basketball film perpetuates false complex

I’m submitting this letter in response to the article, “Should Eastern Show UK Basketball Film?” My answer to this question is an emphatic “no.”

I couldn’t agree more about our campus constantly living in UK’s shadow. In general UK has a smug superiority complex over Eastern and not just because of sports.

I’ve encountered UK students who automatically assume that Eastern students are here simply because they weren’t “smart enough” to get into UK, even though EKU has world-class programs of its own, including some that can’t be found anywhere else (occupational therapy, arson/explosion investigation, nursing, just to name a few).

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Colonel mascot can change without losing essential university identity

I’ve enjoyed the recent debate in these pages about the future of the University’s mascot. The discussion has dealt with whether or not we should dump the Colonel, or at least update his look.

A front-page story last week focused on the issue: “Colonel Mascot Is Here to Stay” (1A, Nov. 7). And a letter from Dean Acker also contributed to the debate, “Nickname ‘Colonels’ Serves Many State Institutions” (4A, Nov. 6). Dean Acker pointed out, among other things, that the Colonel mascot was stolen from Centre College in 1964.

Other editorials, columns and letters, one of which I contributed to (“Mascot Change Much Needed” 4A, Oct. 4) have looked at the mascot issue.

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Football must improve before facing high-level competition

The 68 to 10 beatdown this past Saturday that Eastern suffered at Jacksonville State was the second most points given up in the modern era.

In 2003, the Colonels surrendered 63 to Bowling Green. The 63 points were the fourth most given up in the history of the program. The top three defeats are as follows: in 1931 Wittenberg pounded the Colonels 99 to 0; in 1914 Cynthiana High School won 81 to 0; and in 1928 Louisville took out the Colonels 72 to 0.

Needless to say, my guess is the defensive coordinator was relieved of his duties in each instance.

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McGregor Hall should not be removed for more common space

Recently Eastern appointed Michael Benson to be the new university President. Since taking the job, President Benson has been promoting new policies that will affect Eastern in big ways.

Some of these will be beneficial such as a tobacco-free initiative. Then there is an action that has been overlooked and briefly discussed by everyone: The demolition of McGregor Hall.

Sure, there was a spotlight in the Progress a few weeks ago in which they asked students what they thought about the demolition, and the opinion was composed of mostly freshmen that were three weeks into their first semester.

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Nickname ‘Colonels’ serves many state institutions, fulfills role for the university

I really don’t care if the Eastern athletic teams are called Colonels, Maroons, Generals, Admirals, Chihuahuas or Zombies.

However, some of the statements in the editorial in the Oct. 31 edition of The Progress article “The Colonel isn’t as bad as you’ve heard” cannot go unchallenged.

The most egregious statement was that we should get credit for originality for using Colonels.

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Letter misrepresented protester’s position

As one of the student/veterans in the photo that has been unfairly labeled as a Tea Party activist and a racist by Mr. Kasiak in his letter to The Progress last week, I feel I should clarify a few things about the Gadsden flag (The “Don’t Tread on Me” flag) and the military personnel that it represents that have also been unfairly labeled as such.

As I said, I am a veteran of 13 years in the U.S. Army and a current student at Eastern.

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Newspaper’s coverage fails objectivity

Out of curiosity, I was wondering if The Progress has turned into a political newspaper?

Plastering the often misused and misunderstood, “Don’t Tread on Me” flag on the front page of the paper tends to give that impression. In this reader’s point of view, average readers who are seeking objective reporting by journalists in-training have consequently been led to believe that Eastern supports the newly established and struggling Tea Party’s agendas.

The question I have for the editor is whether or not it is appropriate to have Eastern employees promoting political views? More specifically, promoting the political views that ironically caused (or at least influenced) the government shutdown that affected the VA office in the first place?

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Cross-Country deserves more prominent coverage

It’s often been said that the only people who care and are interested in cross-country are the parents and friends of the athletes. Here is my beef with the sports folks at your fine newspaper. They do cover all sports, but regardless of how well Coach Rick Erdmann’s cross-country men and women do, they get a tiny little article on the back page down in the corner.

I am not being negative at all toward the other sports team at Eastern, but as an example, football is still playing in this subdivision league, formerly 1-AA, against powerhouses like Tennessee Tech and Austin Peay. Volleyball does the same, as does soccer.

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