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Difficult, mid-semester dorm move will provide happiness

By KALEIGH UNDERWOOD Moving is hard. You pack all of your belongings into suitcases, boxes, even garbage bags to haul from point A to point B with various loading and unloading points in between. Then when you finally get everything to the new destination, you have to complete the task of unpacking all the suitcases, boxes and bags and organizing all your possessions into their new places in your home. Moving in the middle of the semester however, is even harder. Try doing all the packing and lugging, all while trying to stay on top of coursework. Even...

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Freezing temps don’t stop Eastern from its mission

It looked a lot less like Richmond and a lot more like Fargo, N.D., when cold temperatures and snow invaded our otherwise mild winter on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

As students battled the cold, icy conditions, many probably pondered why Eastern’s campus was still open. Conditions were bad enough to close Madison and Fayette County schools, leaving many students, faculty and staff scrambling to find childcare. So why didn’t Eastern close?

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