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Accompanying a story last week about the various construction projects on campus, The Eastern Progress ran three images of incorrect renderings of the reading porch planned for the south side of the Crabbe Library. The renderings the newspaper included were of the initial sketches of the space. Those renderings have since been revised, as seen in the image here. In addition, the article incorrectly listed the financial donation provided by Ron and Sherrie Noel as $250,000. The couple has in fact donated $350,000 toward the...

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Risqué selfies finally draw attention of FBI

By Topher Payton Where did this whole craze of nude self-portraits start and why have they become so popular? Topping the headlines last weekend, a hacker invaded several celebrity iCloud accounts and stole numerous sensitive photos, many of them nude. The event has since been coined “The Fappening,” a mix of the words happening and fap, a slang term for masturbation. Troubling indeed. In the span of just a few hours, you couldn’t go to a website like Imgur, 4chan, or Reddit without seeing one of these pictures, even if you didn’t want to. The FBI has since announced they are looking into the matter to find the original hacker, or “Original Guy,” as people on the internet have taken to calling him, who leaked the photos. Several media outlets have reported that the FBI is getting close to the Original Guy. That’s great and all, but why now? This is a huge invasion of privacy no matter how you look at it, but it is not the first case of people having their iCloud accounts hacked into, random citizens to boot. Why is the FBI just now looking into it? Countless women have had their lives ruined by having their personal photos posted online, so why don’t they get special treatment from the FBI? The FBI has decided to step into the situation now that these famous...

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