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Rapper, producer transcend music with accepting message

Bursting onto the national music scene in 2012 rapper, Macklemore, and producer, Ryan Lewis, have made quite a name for themselves. Rising to fame after their humorous song Thrift Shop, many saw the artists as a one hit wonder, destined to settle among the ranks of PSY and Ylvis. But after nearly two years of massive success, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have not only shown that they are here to stay, but that they are here to change. The release of The Heist brought several of the duo’s songs to the top of the charts, including White Walls and...

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Finding true passion for writing through self-discovery

Writing has always been a way for me to express myself. Creating worlds and characters, bringing new perspectives to the public. Over time, a question rose in my head that made me look back at the path I had chosen: how did I come to discover my talent at writing and the dream to write books?
As a child, we all have different dreams and goals. We say we wanted to be astronauts, ballerinas, doctors, nurses, cowboys, etc. At one point, I said I wanted to be a basketball star. I tried out for my middle school basketball team, but didn’t make the cut. Then I said I wanted to be a scientist and be the one to find the cure for cancer and claim the Nobel Prize. But sadly, I found out quickly that science was not one of my strong subjects.

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Christie latest presidential hopeful surrounded in scandal

As the 2016 Presidential Election draws nearer, the field of potential candidates is becoming increasingly defined. Several big names in Washington have voiced their interests and begun campaigning. The news has been headlining the likes of Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz — each having their own slew of supporters.
It seems that in every election there is a candidate so immersed in scandal early on he is almost immediately forced to drop out of the running. In 2008 there was John Edwards, who had an illegitimate child behind the back of his dying wife. In 2012, Herman Cain’s campaign was reduced to shambles in wake of his numerous reported sex scandals.
As for 2016, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has already stirred a great deal of controversy in this presidential election and is the early leader to have his campaign ended by missteps.

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