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Facts should serve more of a purpose

My largest issue with these attacks on Clinton is they seem, more than ever, unjustified. Clinton gave her greatest performance this political season, and even an excellent debate like that isn’t enough to reduce any of the criticism unjustly directed at her.

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Super Smash Bros. eased my transition to college

Then I discovered the Game Cave in Powell. I didn’t know it was there at first, but being the huge video gamer I am, I was drawn to it. I could either bring my own games to play, or rent games out, or try out games I’d been meaning to try like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. I was in there a lot, usually playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and that’s when it happened.

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Parking on campus a stressful experience

New year, new parking… problems, that is. Parking is always bad at the beginning of the school year, but it seems to be even worse this year. Many students are having issues finding a parking spot and if they do find one they have to walk to the opposite side of campus to get to their class.

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Majority complains for the minority

Reacting to injustice is something we all do every day. We sit back and watch as innocents are blown to pieces in wars that have nothing to do with them just like we sit back and watch a deserving friend have the rug pulled out from under them in a situation beyond their control. Injustice in the mind of the empathetic individual creates rage, rage that far too many of us swallow and ignore. Everyone is content to sit back and watch as injustice is committed, just so long as it doesn’t do anything to interrupt their dinner party or wine mixer. After all, time is money, and money is what we care about. As a species, we let far too much slide because we have forgotten our power. We’ve replaced the power of the people that this country was “founded” on with an unquenchable thirst for consumerism. “Give me the newest episode of The Voice and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about all the brown people dying across the ocean” seems to be the mindset of the American people these days. Of course, I’m being bitter and a pessimist. There are those who stand up to injustice and refuse to buy into the sociological trap that the American people nuzzle in so comfortably. But until that more often than not “silent” majority stand up and starts taking...

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Some Pro-Abortion Inadequacies

I have yet to find a genuinely defensible argument in favor of abortion. Now, that isn’t for lack of trying. Intellectually, I consider myself quite honest; if I find myself inclined toward a particular stance on an issue, I take it upon myself to rigorously research both sides and synthesize my own beliefs based both on beliefs already in my philosophy as well as the reading I do. Abortion in particular, as both a highly controversial issue and something which I care deeply about, I have read upon extensively. Frankly, it baffles me that anyone who has done the same, as many have, can come to the conclusion that abortion is in any general sense justifiable. I would like to address some of the inadequate arguments used in defense of abortion and against those who oppose abortion. 1. A fetus is just a clump of cells, so aborting it doesn’t mean anything. Genuinely, I have no idea why this argument is still around. Scientifically, it is dangerous nonsense. I am just a clump of cells and tissue. So is everyone reading this. 2. The fetus depends on the mother for life, so the mother can choose to kill it. Newborns, oddly enough, also depend on mothers for sustenance. This is especially true in less developed nations, where breastfeeding is the only way of keeping the child alive. And yet...

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Pro-life and feminism can co-exist

I am pro-life and I am a feminist. To put it more specifically, I am pro-life because I am a feminist. Before calling me out on what many consider to be a rather contradictory statement, allow me to explain my position. There are numerous misconceptions regarding what the pro-life movement stands for. Many regard it as being “pro-birth,” only concerned about the mother through pregnancy and not caring what happens to the child afterwards. The pro-life movement is concerned with the human person from birth to natural death. Rejecting the idea of abortion, opposing the death penalty and stopping unjust acts that desecrate the sanctity of human life guides the actions of this peaceful movement. No, we are not all nuns and Bible-thumpers throwing ‘rosaries at your ovaries.’ We are modern day abolitionists fighting the greatest civil rights issue of today. The pro-choice community champions the fact that they fight for women’s reproductive rights. That a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy if she wants. This goal would be commendable, were she to be the only one affected by the decision. There are two lives involved, that of the mother and that of her baby. Operating under the assumption that the fetus is alive (and one cannot logically assign personhood at any stage of development other than at conception), it is granted certain unalienable rights- the...

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