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Black Mirror is more than just another TV show

Have you ever watched a show that made you question the choices you’ve made in your life? If you haven’t, Black Mirror will make you feel that way. It’s a Netflix original series and was first released in 2014 and currently has three seasons. Each episode focuses on various people’s lives in near-future, semi-dystopian societies and how technology affects those people and the world around them. When I first started watching Black Mirror, I thought it was just about how the usage of technology corrupts people and is changing the world for the worst. However, as I continued watching the show, I noticed the social commentary. Each episode explains how technology affects the person the story is about, but it also opens a discussion about how society acts towards certain people. For example, one of the episodes focuses on a woman living in a world where ratings matter. She has an app that is similar to the social media sites we have today, and she gives a rating of one to five stars to each person she encounters and vice versa. The higher your rating is, the more you’re able to purchase things – i.e. she is trying to purchase a house and must have a 4.5 out of 5 rating. One misstep, though, can cause your rating to suffer and you can lose everything. Without spoiling too much,...

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Why do we ignore at-risk populations?

Lately, there have been many concerning issues facing society based on a specific at-risk population – African-American men. This has been one major issue that has been very near and dear to my heart because I grew up around this unnecessary violence. The global issue that concerns me and should be the concern of Americans is police brutality. A black man is killed by a police officer every 28 hours and American citizens walk around as if statistics like those are okay or normal. Yes, America is facing plenty of problems currently, but why is this topic not a...

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Divisiveness of election a problem

Trump won, and we are more divided than ever. Everyone is either angry at the election results, angry with each other, or angry at people for being angry about the election. This anger is to be expected. The popular vote was pretty split, meaning one half of voters got what they wanted while the other half didn’t.

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FOX’s Pitch breaks all gender roles

Pitch’s storyline is refreshing in a world filled with exaggerated female characters created just to make women viewers feel better. Women want female characters to be complex—with the same flaws and strengths male characters have, because that is actually what feminism is about.

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