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Donation grants Eastern historic property

Across Lancaster Avenue from Eastern’s campus lies a sprawling, 20-acre estate adorned with hundreds of elm trees, surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

President Doug Whitlock, along with the Board of Regents and the board of directors of the EKU Foundation, announced Monday an event over half a century in the making, the acquisition and addition of the property known as “Elmwood” to the Campus Beautiful.

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Eastern goes ethical

The Barnes and Noble at EKU Bookstore is carrying a new, sweatshop-free clothing line this fall.

School House, an ethical clothing line, was founded in 2009 by Rachel Weeks after researching socially responsible clothing in Sri Lanka.

Melissa Dohmen, School House marketing and public relations director, said ethical clothing has to do with the standards companies make their clothing by and how they treat their workers.

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iPhone application improved to include radio, menus

As technology continues to be on the rise with new and updated applications, so does Eastern’s IT department.

On March 28, Eastern’s updated version of its iPhone app went live. With the newer version, many features and services were added to make the application more useful. Included in the new app is additional news feeds, dining menus, GPA calculator, bus schedule and the WEKU radio feed.

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Community relations slates Eastern for conference

Richmond and Eastern’s relationship have singled out the university as the site for the 2012 International Town and Gown Association [ITGA] conference from June 4 to 8.

“I was told once that when you think of Richmond, you can’t help but think of Eastern, and when you think of Eastern, you can’t help but think of Richmond,” said Marc Whitt, conference chair and associate vice president of public relations.

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Center for the Arts expected to attract volume of visitors

Over the next year, nearly 30 big-name acts will make an appearance on Eastern’s campus.

 With the opening of the new EKU Center for the Arts Sept. 9, the likes of Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin and Jerry Seinfeld will grace Colonel Country with their presence. The brand new EKU Center for the Arts will play host to these performers.

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Blue-light phones improved

Blue-light phones, a staple on almost every college campus, are phones available to students that make a direct call to the police in case of an emergency.  Several of the older phones have been replaced, six new phones have been installed and several units have been moved around campus.

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G.I. Bill changes affect vets

Some of Eastern’s 858 student veterans and dependents using G.I. Bill assistance may have to prepare for some changes to the ways they pay for school. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has made several changes to the Post 9-11 G.I. Bill recently that could prove challenging for some students, but beneficial for others.

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