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How ‘Rate My Professor’ sways class selection at EKU

As the clock strikes midnight on registration days, students swarm EKU Direct to select classes for the upcoming semester. Students no longer go into the registration process blind, though, with the help of an organized list of upcoming classes and the holy-grail of recommendations: ‘Rate My Professor’. ‘Rate My Professor’ is an anonymous review site created by a software engineer in 1999 as a way to help college students rate professors throughout America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Currently owned by mtvU, MTV’s cable system given to on-campus housing, ‘Rate My Professor’ has over 15 million ratings on over...

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Effortless and cheap winter trends found on campus

What’s not to love about winter? From leg warmers and burgundy tights to trendy hoodies, some of the best fashion trends surface in the winter. So it’s only natural for the best winter trends to reside on Eastern’s campus too. This upcoming winter, students will want to be prepared for both new and old fads that are appearing on fashion magazines everywhere that will undoubtedly be hitting the campus soon. How many times have you seen a girl wearing the perfect outfit and said to yourself, ‘I really love that scarf she’s wearing I wonder where she bought it!’...

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Class participation: an easy way for class points?

Walking into a classroom on the first days of the semester, students anxiously await to hear the rules each professor has. It seems like the same things are said every semester: attendance is required, an 89.9 is a B and participation is part of the grade. Each is dreadful in its own way, but which is worst? The thought of having to come to class every day isn’t ideal, and thinking a professor doesn’t care about their student’s grade is disheartening. However, students know what those rules entail. What exactly is counted as participating? Freshman Whitley Bardroff, an education...

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