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Are Horoscopes Meaningful or Disposable?

Kori Hinkley: Cancer. No, fortunately, I do not have it. It’s my astrological sign. Anyone born June 21 – July 22 can relate. We’re stubborn, emotional, loyal people who can also be known to be manipulative, moody and suspicious. Although, I do read my horoscope every day, I don’t worship astrology. Astrology is “the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.” It can be seen as a scientific explanation, connecting celestial objects to beings on Earth, which is pretty much the premise of horoscopes. Contrary to what pessimistic “rational” thinkers of the world say about how irrelevant this side of astrology may be, I for one, think it’s awesome. People are vulnerable, we have emotions. We have bad days and good days, and wide ranges of imagination. A daily horoscope can be uplifting. Everyone loves reassurance, no matter how much of a realist you are. Today my horoscope reads, “An amazing blend of luck and perfect timing may soon help you make a dream come true.” This could probably apply to every single person on this planet, but why question it? I mean who really knows what is in store for the future? Well, except for psychics, but don’t get me started on those amazing beings of supernatural human existence. Seriously, though, the future is questionable. It’s not even promised, we...

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