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‘To Infinity and Beyond’

Rewind to 1995. Many of us were beginning the process of exiting our toddler years to enter the new and exciting world of childhood. Our parents were beginning to grant us a small amount of freedom, small being the keyword. On Nov. 22, one movie opened in theaters nationwide and took the box office by storm, becoming the highest grossing film of 1995. I am, of course, talking about “Toy Story.”

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What You Should Be Watching: ‘Peep Show’

There are only a few channels you should be watching on television. If you aren’t tuned into these stations, such as Comedy Central or FX, you’re wasting your time with meaningless programming coupled with a never-ending stream of mind-altering garbage. In all reality, your television set is an obsolete piece of retro technology, similar to an 8-track player or a floppy disk. If you’re looking for good, wholesome programming, there is only one place to turn. I refer to this place as the “homo sapien interconnectivity web,” or more commonly, the Internet.

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‘Watch the Throne’ is luxury rap at its finest

“It ain’t safe in the city, watch the throne.” This lyric exemplifies how Kanye West and Jay-Z establish an immediate image in their new album, an epic collaboration titled “Watch The Throne.” The gold-colored, regal cover art will likely have you feeling as though you just paid $16.99 for an ancient artifact rather than a CD.

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‘Our Idiot Brother’ a smart new comedy

There are actors we like. There are actors we love. And then there is Paul Rudd.

Rudd, who has made a career out of basically being the most charming, witty person on the planet, has long shone in a number of supporting roles in popular films such as “Anchorman,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Knocked Up.” In the new August release “Our Idiot Brother,” however, the spotlight turns entirely to Rudd as Ned, a biodynamic farmer living with his girlfriend, Janet (Kathryn Hahn), and his beloved dog named Willie Nelson.

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What the tech?

It’s very hard these days to find people who are not familiar with the name Nintendo. Gamers and non-gamers alike understand Nintendo’s long and impressive résumé, leading up to its recent breakthrough in motion gaming with the release of the Wii in 2006. The system brought people of all ages together in the living room to provide hours of fun, entertainment and ridiculousness as players flailed their arms around.

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Battle of Richmond

Grab a bottle of sasparilly, some elk chili and prepare for the battle. Sound like a typical weekend?

Well, for some students, Civil War re-enactments are more than a weekend of dress-up, but a time to remember, preserve and honor their cultural heritage.

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Family On The Run

For Zach Aust, success is more than just a desired outcome. It is a family tradition.

Aust, a 21-year-old paramedical science major from Sunbury, Ohio, is a triathlete who recently qualified for a spot on Team USA in the International Triathlon Union’s (ITU) 2012 World Championship taking place in New Zealand. What makes this unique is that his parents, James Aust and Tracy Disabato-Aust, will be competing as well.

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What you should be listening to

On first listen of their older albums, The Black Keys, comprised of Dan Auerbach on guitar and vocals and Patrick Carney on drums, sound like they’re from old school, delta blues-fused Mississippi. The key word is sound. Literally.

The blues-rock duo hails from Akron, Ohio. Yes, you read that right, Ohio. No disrespect intended, though it’s hard picturing a blues band hailing from the Buckeye State. However, that’s just one of many things that make The Black Keys so great.

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Writer enters Marine Corps training

Summer break is the time for most college students to rest, vacation, lie by the pool, sleep late, etc. But for a select few, summer is spent a little differently.

This summer I completed the first six weeks of a very difficult experience: Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) located in Quantico, Va.  

All potential Marine Corps officers must endure the grueling training led by Marine Corps staff noncommissioned officers and successfully complete it.

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Student leaders born in Wyoming

Adventure: An activity where the outcome is uncertain.

Eleven Eastern students sat gathered around the radiating warmth of a campfire on a cold, clear Wyoming night, listening to and learning from Adventure Programs Director Brian Clark and his graduate assistant, Jason Burton. These students applied and were selected to become trip leaders through Adventure Programs, a challenging task.

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Summer movie hits and misses

Traveling through the summer movie landscape can sometimes be an overwhelming, daunting challenge. With new blockbusters coming out week after week, how can you possibly sort through all the cheap thrills for the true hits?

To help you out, here is a movie guide reflecting back on the highs and lows of the industry this summer, some still in theatres, some headed to DVD and Netflix in a few weeks.

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