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Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt brings family friendly comedy to Netflix

By MICHAEL EMERSON A new comedy show, called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, was released as a Netflix original show Friday, March 6. Much like other shows produced by Netflix, Kimmy Schmidt is able to be what the creators plan without the limitations of television, and to great effect. What’s more refreshing is that this is probably the first Netflix show that the entire family can enjoy.       The show stars Ellie Kemper from The Office as an optimistic country bumpkin from Indiana named Kimmy Schmidt. Schmidt moves to New York City after being liberated from an underground cult where she was held captive for half of her life by a crooked preacher. This takes the phrase, “living under a rock,” much more poignant. After news coverage of her dilemma, Schmidt decides to stay in Manhattan to try and experience life to the fullest. Given the unusual premise, the show abides by a standard of fish-out-of-water jokes. This makes it more hilarious, since not only is Schmidt reasonably naïve to the new world she’s entered, but she’s also not completely helpless as she’s old enough to understand the world. Schmidt pays attention to her surroundings in order to come up with reasonable and often clever solutions to the problems she or her friends find themselves in. Another great factor to the show’s credit is that Schmidt is not...

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Orange is the New Black: raunchy women’s prison humor

By MICHAEL EMERSON As it grows, the Netflix streaming service is slowly developing its own brand of shows. Netflix is able to have all the freedom of a private channel while also enjoying commercial free entertainment. Orange is the New Black is surely one of the more popular Netflix original shows. The series is inspired by the book of the same title by Piper Kerman who wrote about her experience in federal prison in detail. The book gives the show a running line of realism that makes it that much more interesting. OITNB details the story of Chapman, played...

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Movies to watch with strong female roles

By STEPHEN MCFERRON In honor of Women’s History Month, here are five films with strong heroine characters. Beatrix Kiddo — Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 This two-part movie was originally released in 2003 with the second part released in 2004. Uma Thurman plays Beatrix Kiddo, mostly known as “the bride.” The bride is a former member of an assassination squad who wants revenge on her ex-squad that killed members of her wedding party and attempted to kill her. Thurman is good in almost everything she does, especially when she’s paired with the movie’s director, Quentin Tarantino. Just a short list of the bride’s accomplishments along her bloody path of revenge include, fighting off a Kung-Fu attack squad of at least 88 people, rising from a premature grave, fighting a samurai assassin and blowing up a man’s heart. Talk about a tough female character. Ellen Ripley — Alien and Aliens Most of us got to know Sigourney Weaver as children watching her performance in Ghostbusters, but her best work comes from the Alien films. The original Alien film was released in 1979 with the sequel following in 1986. Ellen Ripley, played by Weaver, is an astronaut in the far future. Ripley and her coworkers fight the titular creature portrayed by the movies title. Though her performance may be better in Director Ridley Scott’s original, James Cameron’s action-sci-fi sequel shows...

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Spy film blends action, humor

By MICHAEL EMERSON Kingsman: The Secret Service is a beautiful explosion of action, comedy and espionage all presented with a gentlemanly grace. Kingsman, directed by Matthew Vaughn of Kick- Ass and X-Men fame tells the story of a young man who finds himself the fortunate candidate for an underground league of super spy’s called the Kingsman. During his training a billionaire Zuckerberg expy, named Valentine, puts a plan into motion that could endanger the entire world. What seems like a typical run of the mill, “unlikely hero,” story actually turns out to be a poignant, clever and interesting story. The film based off the comic book written by Mark Millar who also wrote the critically acclaimed Kick-Ass, and brings his brand of fictional satire to the big screen, except this time it has do with super spies instead of super heroes. Kingsman sports great pacing amidst its somewhat stuffed cast and sometimes it feels as if it had to cut some corners in the story department in order to fit everything in. Being based on a comic book the film has to serve as an origin story to the main character of Eggsy and serve the three act structure expected of a blockbuster film. This usually becomes a double edged sword to these types of films but Kingsman avoids this by having the story focused on its main...

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