Author: Taylor Weiter

Annual play discusses feminine issues

Chocolate vagina pops and “Straight Outta Vagina” buttons were sold in the lobby of the Whitlock Building. Planned Parenthood manned a table with information on women’s issues. At any other time, these would be extremely controversial events, however they were welcomed as part of the EKU Women and Gender Studies Department’s annual Vagina Monologues. The auditorium was packed on Thursday, March 31, as parents, professors and students watched the women jump and scream about vaginas. Vagina Monologues also had two interpreters and reserved seating for those in the Department of American Sign Language. The night began as the performers...

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DNCE takes over Spring Concert

Girls in T-shirt dresses and Chuck Taylors sheltered themselves from the rain in the EKU Center for the Arts on Thursday, March 24 as hot new artist DNCE took stage at the SAC Spring Concert. The crowd, though mostly filled with college students who remember every line of Camp Rock (myself included), featured a diverse mix of pop music fans and indie-rock festival-goers as well as the additional begrudging father taking his too-young-to-drive children to see a band that sings about sex on the beach with a cool beat. “I came here for Joe,” said Shelby Shackelford, a freshman...

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Jets a good fit for EKU’s Spence

At the end of his 2015 season, Eastern defensive end Noah Spence was considered a top-10 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. The AP FCS All-American wowed analysts with his talents on the field–and his persistence off the field. However, Colonel fans should not bet money on hearing NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell announce Spence’s name in the first 30 minutes, but instead wait patiently for the Jets pick at 20. After a lifetime ban from the Big Ten Conference due to failed drug tests, Spence chose to forgo the NFL Draft to show scouts, and himself, that he could overcome his addiction to ecstasy and graduate as the best version of himself possible. His transfer to Eastern immediately improved the team, as he recorded 13.5 sacks and 22.5 tackles for loss, as well as the opinion of many coaches, scouts and analysts. Spence’s personal turnaround excited many scouts, and individual interviews with teams showed his dedication to walking down a straight and narrow path. However, Spence’s stock took a major hit after his lackluster 40-yard-dash performance at the NFL Combine. Spence quickly dropped to the late first or early second round in most mock drafts. While this drop may seem like a huge deal, it is not a real indication of Spence’s talent, but how well Spence meshes with each team’s defense. At 6-foot-2, 251-pounds, Spence is not ideal...

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SAC snags huge concert headliner with boyband connections

Eastern’s Student Activities Council won big as they announced the Joe Jonas-led pop band DNCE would headline the SAC Spring Concert with opening act Apollo LTD. DNCE, popular for their current chart-topper Cake By The Ocean, will be performing at the Center for the Arts on Thursday, March 24 at 7:30 p.m. as part of their Best Tour Ever Tour before traveling as the opener for pop singer Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour. The band, founded in the summer of 2015, has only released two singles and an EP titled SWAAY, but Eastern students flooded SAC’s Twitter account with excitement...

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The Turley House provides home to more than wobbly steps

The front porch creaks with every step. The paint appears chipped on the side of the house. The main door refuses to open and a sign reading “Please Enter Through Side Door” is taped onto the wood. In a typical horror movie, the outward characteristics of the Turley House would alert the protagonist that trouble might be ahead. While horror film heroes such as Sidney Prescott of “Scream” may understand that creaky porches and paint chips are a sure sign of eventual physical or psychological pain, Michelle Marshall, 19, a sophomore graphic design major from Louisville, said she views...

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Race issues cause controversy at the Oscars

On Feb. 28, the world’s most renowned actors, directors and producers will gather in the Dolby Theater to watch Chris Rock host the 88th Annual Academy Awards. While Rock, Michael B. Jordan and The Weeknd will be hosting, presenting, and performing during the ceremony, many African Americans are angered and annoyed by the Oscars complete disregard for minorities within the Academy. During last year’s Oscars, Twitter’s top trend was #OscarsSoWhite after most audience members and many actors noted the tremendous amounts pale faces walking down the red carpet. Going into the 2015 Oscar season, the announcement that Rock would host the festivities was followed by huge anticipation for an actually diverse ceremony thanks to the host and a plethora of amazing diverse films. My personal favorite movie of 2015 was the particularly diverse NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton. It was a box-office success no critics foresaw, but yet came away with a $201 million profit, certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and numerous award nominations. Despite all of this, the only nomination Straight Outta Compton received from the Academy was Best Screenplay. In a production filled with talented black men, the one old, white Jewish guy got the nom. Sound fishy? To be fair, the year was filled with great movies…maybe there were just better actors and producers this year, right? So maybe if we looked at another critically...

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Martin Hall time capsule reveals EKU’s rich history

Students, faculty and alumni flooded Middle Powell as President Benson and Student Body President Katie Scott opened a 1961 time capsule on Thursday, Feb 11. The time capsule was found in a cornerstone of Martin Hall. While this ceremony is the first of its kind at Eastern, Benson said he hopes it will not be the last. As more of Eastern’s older buildings begin to be replaced, there should be multiple capsules left behind by his predecessors. “Chances are we can assume that the building was built during the tenure of President Martin,” said Benson. “There’s going to be...

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How ‘Rate My Professor’ sways class selection at EKU

As the clock strikes midnight on registration days, students swarm EKU Direct to select classes for the upcoming semester. Students no longer go into the registration process blind, though, with the help of an organized list of upcoming classes and the holy-grail of recommendations: ‘Rate My Professor’. ‘Rate My Professor’ is an anonymous review site created by a software engineer in 1999 as a way to help college students rate professors throughout America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Currently owned by mtvU, MTV’s cable system given to on-campus housing, ‘Rate My Professor’ has over 15 million ratings on over...

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Recreation centers enforce safer dress code

EKU Campus Recreation began enforcing a dress code in all indoor facilities Jan. 25, prohibiting shirts that expose the lower back, ribcage and midriff. Open-toed shoes and non-athletic bottoms, including jeans and khaki shorts, are also not allowed. Students may wear any manufactured tank tops, T-shirts covering the torso and altered T-shirts with a hole less than four inches from the armpit. All pants and shorts made of athletic material are allowed as long as it covers the entire buttocks and the waste band touches the bottom of a T-shirt. In an email sent to all Campus Recreation employees, Director of Campus Recreation Brent Parmer said the dress code will create a welcoming and inclusive environment, prevent disease transmission and prolong the life of exercise equipment. “I understand why they set the rules in place,” said Emma Tompkins, a sophomore music marketing major from Lexington. “Not seeing other people’s perfect abs every time they go to the gym will give insecure girls and guys more confidence.” The policy is enforced in all sections of the Fitness & Wellness Center, Burke Wellness Center, Begley Building, Weaver Gymnasium and the intramural courts. Students who do not follow the proper upper-body dress code will be given a free Campus Rec T-shirt on their first offense. Those who do not follow the lower-body dress code will be given a warning. If a student...

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